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Former Redflex CEO Pleads Guilty to Bribery Charges

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    I keep coming back to the Coleman interview where he goes on and on about not using email because he would not be able to get anything done….
    My question is this. What metrics improved during his tenure.
    I know everyone is Excited about downtown. lots of apartments, lots of expensive restaurants lots of bars etc. none of that has helped improve infant mortality, lower poverty rates, fix schools or get abandoned houses torn down. how is Columbus positioned to fiscally for the next recession. I don’t think anyone has made an attempt to report on his tenure. Keeping your job for a long time does not make a legacy except in politics.


    Cbussmallbiz: His legacy is to have done wonderful things for the developers who support his campaign/ slush fund and to bail out the former Dispatch owners of their bad business deals using public dollars with the result that they protected him from bad press for years. Meanwhile, poverty has skyrocked and many of the city’s older neighborhoods are falling apart from neglect. Too bad for these neighborhoods cannot afford to hire lobbyists to provide the requisite “success fees” to get some attention. Meanwhile he wants his successor to be the former school board member who looked away from at best and intentionally abetted at worst the criminal school scandal that really hurt kids while enriching school bureaucrats and has made the city look silly and backward.

    Now that the Dispatch-provided teflon is wearing off, the truth is finally getting through to residents. Expect many more revelations to come to light. Too bad we had to wait until he’s leaving office.


    What amazes me about those who continue to support Mayor Coleman is their acceptance of his administration’s assertions that he is FRONT AND CENTER in all the good things that have happened in Columbus but KNEW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about the scandalous pay to play system finally coming to light (despite the growing evidence to the contrary). Somehow he rebuilt the downtown but was out of the loop when it came to the sale of his own home. Parenthetically, he took the extraordinary step of writing not one but two letters to ambassadors to help Dr. Li get a visa, but knew nothing of staff efforts to help her in numerous other ways (despite the fact that the staff person involved says otherwise) and he put his downtown condo on sale but took it off the market when Dr. Li was unable to complete a second lucrative inflated purchase, but was not up to anything untoward or illegal. He strongly supports red light cameras but played no role in selecting the contractor.

    Frankie did it! Mr. Hsieh did it! The Public Safety Department did it! Council did it! Come on!!!!! We’re not cow town idiots. You can’t be a “24-hour mayor” and also be out of the loop.


    A decade into the Coleman administration (he was first elected mayor in 1999).
    His legacy (along with a pay-to-play culture) . . .

    From The Columbus Dispatch, November 3, 2011:
    The number of Columbus-area neighborhoods gripped by poverty continues to rise, and not only in the central city but in outlying areas as well.
    A report released today by the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program says the number of census tracts showing extreme poverty in the city of Columbus increased from eight to 24 over 10 years.
    “That’s a very significant uptick,” said Alan Berube, one of the report’s authors.
    The report says the number of extremely poor neighborhoods — those with poverty rates of 40 percent or higher — has jumped since 2000, with the population in those neighborhoods rising by one-third.



    Whoa! The mayor’s giving interviews to major media outlets and lying through his teeth, contradicting the content of many items already turned over to the FBI. Shame. Shame. Does he really believe that the lobbyist, the realtor, the city employees, his ex-wife and probably many others are actually going to perjure themselves and/or take the fall for him? Not likely

    An observation: Previously, the mayor has made comment like “this investigation is not about me” and “I am not a target of this investigation” but in a TV interview yesterday, he said that TO HIS KNOWLEDGE he is not a target. Worth noting.

    I wonder how Coleman and Ginther look in orange.

    So what’s your take on Coleman supposedly spending over $500k on home repairs on his home before the sale with zero permits pulled? Considering any legitimate vendor I’ve used for my house has insisted on pulling a permit. I can’t imagine that with that much work done, nobody would get a permit. I start to question the scope of work done, if any.



    So what’s your take on Coleman supposedly spending over $500k on home repairs on his home before the sale with zero permits pulled? Considering any legitimate vendor I’ve used for my house has insisted on pulling a permit. I can’t imagine that with that much work done, nobody would get a permit. I start to question the scope of work done, if any.

    The house caught on fire twice. That caused significant damage. Assuming that now, and when he sold it, the house was no longer in such a condition – repairs had to have been made.


    See second story in Local Government Insider in today’s Dispatch. Our illustrious mayor tries to throw a few more under the bus to protect himself. Never would have been reported under past Dispatch ownership


    Don’t know about the permits issue but when post-fire repairs are made, they bring the home back to an inhabitable condition not necessarily increasing the value of the home. Repairs are just that, repairs.

    In general, Coleman believes (perhaps, believed) himself to be untouchable and above the law. That was the result of years of voters accepting the spin and not researching the facts. We, at least in part, are responsible for the embarrassing mess in which we find our government.

    The truths about the Coleman machine have been available to us for years; we needed only to fully open our eyes and be brave enough to withstand the intimidation brought to bear on anyone asking the “wrong” questions. Jonathan Beard did it and more of us could have as well. Perhaps the silver lining of all this will be more healthy questioning in the future.



    Consultant At Center Of Bribery Case Stays Silent
    By Nathan Baca
    Wednesday July 22, 2015 12:14 PM

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – A political consultant at the center of the FBI’s red light camera bribery case made a rare public appearance. 10 Investigates found John Raphael as he attended a meeting at the Franklin County Convention Facilities Authority Tuesday afternoon.

    READ MORE: http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2015/07/22/columbus-ohio-consultant-at-center-of-bribery-case-stays-silent.html






    Lol, “News” or “rumors from randos on twitter”.




    The red-light camera company at the center of a federal bribery investigation established branches of a consulting firm and a nonprofit “traffic safety” group in Columbus to help defend the cameras against opposition in the Ohio legislature.

    The groups worked with Columbus officials to keep the city’s Redflex cameras flashing, though city officials said this week that they didn’t know Redflex was behind either the consultant or the nonprofit.

    City records requested by The Dispatch show that people associated with Resolute Consulting began communicating with city officials as early as 2010.

    Resolute Consulting is a lobbying group based in Illinois and started by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s former campaign manager, Greg Goldner. Redflex is Resolute Consulting’s primary funding source.

    Goldner, using Redflex money, then started the nonprofit Traffic Safety Coalition, a group that campaigns for camera programs across the country.

    Together, the two groups lobby state and local lawmakers about the safety and financial benefits of cameras. The coalition often released statistics, issued reports to city officials and asked lawmakers to write opinion pieces for local newspapers that put the cameras in a favorable light.

    But the relationship among Resolute, the Traffic Safety Coalition and Redflex was never disclosed, Columbus officials said this week.

    David Goldenberg, vice president of Resolute Consulting, said that city officials were aware of Resolute and the coalition’s connection and their connections to Redflex. Documents show that Resolute Consulting disclosed its relationship in a disclaimer at the bottom of emails to Speaks and other city officials.

    “It’s on our website, and we are transparent about who we are,” Goldenberg said, “right there on the front page of our website. We absolutely disclose the work that we do.”

    Goldenberg said Resolute opened a branch in Columbus — at the time its only location outside of Chicago and Washington, D.C. — because Ohio is a swing state, and the group was working on behalf of other companies and is a player in national politics.

    Records filed with the state show that Resolute Consulting established its Columbus branch in November 2010. Resolute put former Ohio Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Culp in charge of the Columbus office.


    TV10 is reporting that
    – the FBI has subpoenaed Franklin County officials as well, and
    – that today is the deadline given John Raphael by the FBI to decide how he will cooperate with their investigation (presumably whether he will cooperate as well).



    Lawsuit Recommended to Recover Damages from Red Light Cameras
    September 3, 2015 6:30 am – Walker Evans

    Earlier this week, Franklin County Sheriff and Mayoral candidate Zach Scott issued a statement that called upon local government officials to follow the lead of the City of Chicago and sue Redflex, the company behind the former red light camera program in Columbus.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/columbus-red-light-camera-lawsuit

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