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Questions for Zach Scott on Mayoral Race?

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    We’ll be conducting a live interview with Mayoral Candidate Zach Scott in a few weeks and are currently seeking questions/topics for the candidate. The interview will be roughly 20-30 minutes in length, so while we won’t be able to discuss all topics, we feel that we will be able to cover a lot of ground.

    The format is primarily going to focus on candidate strengths, policies and platforms, ideas for the future of Columbus, and the immediate needs of the citizens of the community.

    Let us know what kinds of questions you’d like to see addressed by leaving a comment below. The more thoughtful the better. We’re looking for serious questions only. If you’re looking to discussed the mayoral race in general, please do that over here.

    Details on the live interview will be coming soon so that everyone can tune in to watch and discuss.



    The Dispatch criticized Scott for asking for more money for his office without acknowledging that Coleman and Ginther asked for and received a 25% income tax increase in 2009 for those working in the city. My question to Mr. Scott is: What changes have you seen in the county’s townships’ abilities to police their own streets and are these changes related to your requests for a larger budget for your office?



    Question: Do you have anything to say – at all – about city governance, that does not reference red light cameras or home sales?

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Question: Do you have anything to say – at all – about city governance, that does not reference red light cameras or home sales?

    If you have specific areas you want to hear about, let us know. The entire focus of this interview is on candidate strengths, policies and platforms, ideas for the future of Columbus, and the immediate needs of the citizens of the community.



    is there corruption at the Franklin county commission.

    What is the sheriffs office doing about illegal dumping in south side neighborhoods

    Has your bosses commitment to social justice hampered efforts to focus on quality of life issues in poor neighborhoods

    Tell us about how to get the hookers off of parsons

    Wish I had metrics ??? How will you tear down more vacant houses, do you think the city has met the goals they stated.

    What would you say a resident of poor neighborhood should do about aluminum siding being stolen off their house at night.

    Where did the Scott is a tool of the Koch brothers meme start.



    My question for Mr. Scott would be what response plan would he have in place in the event of a civil disturbance, such as Ferguson or Baltimore?



    1. In Mayor Coleman’s State of the City several years ago, he shared his frustration that the city of Columbus had to compete with its own suburbs. Do you agree that we would be better off if Columbus and the burbs could cooperate on a regional basis for planning and revenue-sharing, in a way like Minneapolis does?

    2. How will Columbus work with local developers and agencies to enforce HUD’s new federal guidelines to “affirmatively further fair housing?” Will Columbus really encourage affordable housing in “high opportunity areas,” or will it be business as usual since the 1930s, further concentrating poverty in just a few neighborhoods? How will you deal with the inevitable backlash from the “high opportunity areas” that will resist subsidized housing?



    Could you ask him something–anything at all–on his view of supporting all modes of transportation and improving infrastructure for rail, bicycles, pedestrians, COTA bus, etc.

    I NEED to know this, lol.


    Mayor Coleman is a huge supporter of the LGBT community in Columbus. How does Scott feel on the issue of equality and diversity in the city of Columbus?



    Given the Columubus 2050 report, I’d like to know how you would encourage urban development and curb sprawl and single family homes. http://www.morpc.org/pdf/ULI_Columbus2050.pdf

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans


    A report by the Office of Revenue Analysis of the government of the District of Columbia found that in 2012 Columbus had the highest effective property tax rate of any city in their study at 3.57% (The study included the largest cities in each state). Gentrification of urban core neighborhoods is pricing low and middle income people out of their homes and neighborhoods. Tax abated new builds are often priced outside of what low and middle income families can afford, leaving the property tax burden to be shouldered by established residents. What steps are you willing to take to lessen the property tax burden of Columbus homeowners? At a minimum, would you be willing to not publically endorse any and all tax levy ballot issues in your first term, should you win the mayoral race?



    Zach Scott made a comment about shifting priorities away from downtown and into the neighborhoods. Tall about how drastic a shift we are talking about. Will this hurt momentum for downtown and lead to sprawl? For that matter, what are things we should be doing to improve the Columbus brand… Biggest of which should be, in my opinion, building a vibrant downtown, which is close… But still requires focus. Based on Scott’s comments about neighborhoods and using the Scioto river reconstruction as evidence of investment that should have been used on infrastructure, my concern is that our downtown core momentum will hit a roadblock.



    1. The basic infrastructure of our city, such as streetlights, sidewalks, transit, bike lanes, and parks, is not up to par with our peer cities. Considering that our tax burden already ranks among the highest of any city in the country, what will you do to improve our infrastructure without raising taxes?

    2. Do you consider the city’s responsiveness to 311 requests to be adequate? If not, what will you do to improve it?



    How will you improve the following;

    Downtown- A city is only as good as its downtown. When people think of a city, they think of its downtown. Mayor Coleman made major strides in revitalizing downtown Columbus. What are your plans for the future of downtown?

    Walkability- The most successful cities are walkable cities. What is your plan to make Columbus better for pedestrians?

    Bike lanes- Columbus has only just begun to provide infrastructure for cycling. What is your plan for cycling infrastructure?

    Transit- Traffic will only get worse as Columbus grows; we need alternative ways to get around. What is your plan for improving public transit? Are we going to beat the dead horse of maybe-someday-think-about-trains or actually get something done?

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