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Questions for Andrew Ginther on Mayoral Race?

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    We’ll be conducting a live interview with Mayoral Candidate Andrew Ginther in a few weeks and are currently seeking questions/topics for the candidate. The interview will be roughly 20-30 minutes in length, so while we won’t be able to discuss all topics, we feel that we will be able to cover a lot of ground.

    The format is primarily going to focus on candidate strengths, policies and platforms, ideas for the future of Columbus, and the immediate needs of the citizens of the community.

    Let us know what kinds of questions you’d like to see addressed by leaving a comment below. The more thoughtful the better. We’re looking for serious questions only. If you’re looking to discussed the mayoral race in general, please do that over here.

    Details on the live interview will be coming soon so that everyone can tune in to watch and discuss.


    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Mr. Ginther: If you won the mayor’s race and were then indicted for federal crimes or found guilty of ethics violations, would you resign?



    Mr. Ginther,

    I am interested in your immediate plans to continue development downtown that began during Mayor Coleman’s time. And more specifically, I would like to know what plans you have for improving public transit in and around Columbus. It would also be great to have estimated timelines attached to any transit proposals.

    Additionally, my mother, who is not comfortable with this technology, would like to ask about your ads during the primary season. She said that she really enjoyed your ads advocating for children, and she was wondering if these would be shown again prior to the election.

    Thank you for your consideration.



    A report by the Office of Revenue Analysis of the government of the District of Columbia found that in 2012 Columbus had the highest effective property tax rate of any city in their study at 3.57% (The study included the largest cities in each state). Gentrification of urban core neighborhoods is pricing low and middle income people out of their homes and neighborhoods. Tax abated new builds are often priced outside of what low and middle income families can afford, leaving the property tax burden to be shouldered by established residents. What steps are you willing to take to lessen the property tax burden of Columbus homeowners? At a minimum, would you be willing to not publically endorse any and all tax levy ballot issues in your first term, should you win the mayoral race?



    1. The basic infrastructure of our city, such as streetlights, sidewalks, transit, bike lanes, and parks, is not up to par with our peer cities. Considering that our tax burden already ranks among the highest of any city in the country, what will you do to improve our infrastructure without raising taxes?

    2. Do you consider the city’s responsiveness to 311 requests to be adequate? If not, what will you do to improve it?



    How will you improve the following;

    Downtown- A city is only as good as its downtown. When people think of a city, they think of its downtown. Mayor Coleman made major strides in revitalizing downtown Columbus. What are your plans for the future of downtown?

    Walkability- The most successful cities are walkable cities. What is your plan to make Columbus better for pedestrians?

    Bike lanes- Columbus has only just begun to provide infrastructure for cycling. What is your plan for cycling infrastructure?

    Transit- Traffic will only get worse as Columbus grows; we need alternative ways to get around. What is your plan for improving public transit? Are we going to beat the dead horse of maybe-someday-think-about-trains or actually get something done?


    really, your going to be our next mayor?



    As a major financial investor, would you support terminating a medium sized business ceo who flagrantly misses (not ignores, but is ignorant to) major breaches of ethics, such as fudging numbers in order to hit bonus goals? Or would you allow that person to continue to lead your company?


    I was originally on the Andy Train. But, whether true or not, the scandal(s) have left an unfortunate, indelible taint. Zach Scott is a bit rough around the edges, but I think he will mature into an awesome Mayor.


    Mr. Ginther: Yard signs can be one indicator of a candidate’s popularity. In October 2011, Columbus neighborhoods looked like a sea of Coleman yard signs, but this year I see almost no Ginther signs. I even drove down your own street and saw almost none in your neighbors’ yards. Why do you think that is? How many signs did your campaign produce? How many unused?


    I understand the logic of saving many jobs by bailing out the Nationwide Arena investors. But given that the voters several times said “no” to public funding of a downtown arena, don’t you think the issue should have been put to a popular vote or at least have benefitted from an extensive public comment period? Do you think it is reasonable for many voters to be cynical about the bailout given that the very wealthy bailed-out investors have contributed large sums of money to your campaign fund?


    Why do you continue to claim that the Raphael extortion plea bargain vindicates you when both the FBI and the Department of Justice have said otherwise? Do you understand why many are cynical when you claim to have been unaware of Raphael’s tactics when you yourself sought Redflex money, received it, and were a close friend of Raphael’s? Did you ever wonder why an Australian company with US headquarters in Phoenix would give money to politicians in Columbus if not to curry favor for their product?


    Given all the revelations about Reflex and Centerplate since the primary in May, do you think you could be an effective mayor trusted by his constituents? The Dispatch seems to believe that you have learned from your mistakes. What have you learned?


    On a scale of 1 to 10 how annoying is this obsessed nutjob douche nonstop posting about you on Columbus Underground?

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