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question about noise level / safety on Summit St in Italian Village

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    I know a coworker who is looking to move into an apartment on Summit St just south of 5th Ave in Italian Village. He is a little bit worried about safety and the noise level (traffic) on Summit. Anyone have any experience living around there?



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    I can’t speak much on noise level, but we recently moved to that area (Hamlet and Detroit) and haven’t experienced any issues so far. We’ve somehow managed to avoid all of the car break-ins in the area, and have found it to be quite a bit quieter than our former location (5th and Forsythe). I had been a bit worried about traffic since its a busy street, but I’ve walked to High Street several times since moving and haven’t found traffic to be too insane trying to cross Summit.
    I’d see the general threads about Italian Village on being smart and safe (which applies everywhere imo) but I love the area.



    I live nearly on Summit (but a bit farther south) and the noise is something if you have your windows open — but other than a rouge “pipes save lives” assclown or accident, I don’t really ever hear it. Much more annoying is the honking tax cab drivers and OSU party bus going down my side street, not Summit.

    I have always felt very safe but I have pretty awesome neighbors and pretty strong security.


    I’ve lived on Summit between 1st and Warren for the past 3+ years. Traffic noise isn’t bad, like Merc said the only real disruptions are occasionally tire screeching and bumps in the trunk now and then. I’ve had one car break in (last year) but nothing major. Convenience makes both issues pretty moot in my situation..



    We live just north of where your friend is looking on Summit. While we definitely hear the traffic when our windows are open, we don’t notice it when they’re closed. Regardless it’s mainly just urban background noise that in a weird way I find sort of relaxing . I don’t find crossing the street too dangerous as there are plenty of breaks in the one-way traffic. With all the crime lately, I don’t think it hurts to be on a slightly busier street where there is a lot of visibility (although apparently a lot of the car break-ins have been on 4th which I find a little strange.)

    As far as safety in general, I think you just have to be smart. Probably not a good idea to walk down 5th at night with your iphone out. Just common “city sense” has gotten us by without any real issues the past couple of years. Also a good idea to not leave anything in your car.

    Other than that, we really like the neighborhood. It’s affordable, 2 blocks from the Short North, and there are A LOT of improvements going on- especially deeper in the Weinland Park area.



    I lived on Summit at Detroit for the last 2 years (just bought a house in WP) and agree with what everyone else has said. The only 2 issues I’ve had with my car – One: I once accidentally left it unlocked and someone rooted through everything, taking about $1 in change and a brand new pack of gum. Two: parking my car on the west side of the street on Friday and forgetting to move it by Mon 7AM for morning rush hour. Two towings at $200 a pop, I finally caught on :)



    Thanks Everyone, I am sure he will be glad to hear this.

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