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PUCO cancels Solar Project

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    Chris Sunami
    Chris Sunami

    This article in the Dispatch got me fired up against Kasich all over again. I had really mellowed out in my dislike for him, but he really hasn’t changed. It seems like he’s bound and determined to undermine everything Strickland tried to put into place regardless of its merits.


    NOTE: It may seem unfair to blame Kasich directly for this, but the Dispatch article makes a pretty clear case that this was a politically motivated decision by his appointees overruling their own staff’s recommendation.

    Back to waiting impatiently to vote against this guy.


    Analogue Kid

    I really would like to know the back story on this. What potential lawsuit are they talking about?

    Agree it’s incredibly disappointing though regardless.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans


    It’s particularly frustrating at a time when the PUCO is also happy to plow ahead with deregulation of the natural gas market, even though there is no expectation that that will do anything except raise prices for consumers.

    As I read the Dispatch article I was thinking “maybe there’s something about this legally that I just don’t understand that would explain PUCO’s rejection” but it seems clear by the end that it’s entirely political. Really, really disappointing and definitely not the direction I want my state to be going.


    Kasich also gutted the Office of the Consumer’s Counsel….




    Step One: Restrict coal usage which is the cheapest form of energy and used by AEP
    Step Two: Torpedo AEP’s solar project that would replace coal usage.
    Step Three: Profit? Jobs? wait.. wut?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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