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Parking Meters on High Street Downtown

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    It would make sense to have some type of meter system that would incentivize short trips. I have no idea how it would work, but giving the first 45 minutes as free comes to mind. Another option that would allow for credit card users to ‘stop the clock’ up until a set time would also be good.

    Basically, the user swipes the credit card at a smart kiosk (one responsible for a bunch of spaces – not individual electronics). The user would have the first 45 minutes to an hour free or steeply discounted. The user has an option to choose a prepaid amount of time or a stop the clock option available for up to a set time (ie up to 3 hours). If they choose the stop the clock option they are incrementally billed until they re-swipe their credit card.



    NerosNeptune said:
    I don’t see why that would defeat the purpose. The spot would still cost the same amount per unit time, and overall time limits could still be enforced. Giving a ticket and more precise billing wouldn’t allow people to take up spots all day.

    I agree that enforcing time limits would take care of that problem, but the original poster said, “no running out of time.”



    That would defeat the purpose of the meters, which is to encourage parking turnover.

    It would still encourage turnover if metered parking were priced correctly (which it isn’t – meters are far too cheap in Columbus).

    Correctly priced metered parking results in there nearly always been a free spot wherever you want to park. It just may be expensive – but probably not as expensive a the value of the average user’s time spent driving around.

    Pricing meters is actually a pretty complex topic.



    Press Release:
    New Parking Meters On East Side Of High Street To Go Into Service Monday

    Forty-three new parking meters along the east side of High Street between Goodale Street and Mound Street will go into service Monday, December 3, 2012, at 9 a.m. The new meters bring to 73 the number of parking meters that have gone into service on High Street between Goodale and Mound streets in the last two weeks. The first 30 meters were activated along the west side of High Street on November 19. The 73 parking meters are part of a total of 120 meters that will be installed on both sides of High Street between Goodale and Mound streets by the summer of 2013, weather permitting. The new meters on High Street will provide parking spaces that will make shopping and dining on and near High Street more convenient for downtown visitors.

    Parking at meters on High Street between Goodale Street and Mound Street is prohibited weekdays between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. and between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., allowing COTA buses to travel curb lanes free of parked vehicles to drop-off and pick up riders.

    Department of Public Service crews began installation of the parking meters in October. The City continues to work closely with COTA on the transit agency’s plans for movement of any bus stops along High Street where the parking meters are still to be installed. Additional meters along both sides of High Street will be installed during the winter and next spring after building construction areas along the roadway are cleared and COTA completes installation of new bus shelters.

    All 120 of the new parking meters on High Street will be the new smart meters that accept credit and debit cards, pre-paid parking cards that are sold by the City and coins. All 120 of the new meters will be three-hour meters.

    The new parking meters on High Street between Goodale and Mound streets are part of the City’s Downtown Action Plan which focuses on making downtown streets safer and more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.



    This should probably a different thread, but what’s the word on the new COTA shelters. What is the design? Are they be moved to the street corners (instead of mid-block)? What’s the ETA?

Viewing 5 posts - 226 through 230 (of 230 total)

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