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Progressive Audio Closes — Dr. Martens Store Opening in its Place

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Via Facebook:

    It saddens me to write these words:

    Effective October 26, 2012, Progressive Audio is closed — for good.

    Thank you for 34 wonderful years.

    Although we are closing, here are a few trusted people and companies you can contact for help:

    If you are interested in audio products, especially high performance audio, including turntables, please contact Brad Orrison who operates Brad Orrison Audio. His cell phone is 614.619.0469 His email is: [email protected]

    If you are one of our residential systems customers and have service needs, please contact Mike Colapietro. Mike and his partner, Jon Dunn, have formed a company, Bridged Concepts, and can assist you with service, design, and installation of home control systems.

    Mike’s cell is: 614.746.4252

    His email is: [email protected]

    Their web site is: http://www.bridgedconcepts.com

    Other former employees of Progressive Audio who have companies capable of assisting you are, Aaron Carmack at Resolution Audio Video.

    His cell phone number is 614.746.4251

    His email address is [email protected]

    Their web site is: http://www.resav.com

    Another source for you to consider is Pat Bell of Audio/Video Architect. His cell phone is 614.530.2333

    His email address is: [email protected]

    Their web site is http://www.avarch.net

    Thank you and good luck!

    Les Viragh



    This is a real bummer. Brad’s great. I’ll certainly be keeping his contact info handy.



    My first purchase from Progressive was a pair of Infinity bookshelf speakers from a store that stocked a lot of high dollar audio. I was a freshman at The OSU in the 80’s and didn’t have a lot of cash to part with, but they nonetheless treated me very well during my small purchase. I returned over the years and to purchase much more expensive items based on my initial visit. I’m sorry to see them go.


    Analogue Kid

    Bummer, I stopped in once when I was a freshman at OSU and they were fantastic to me despite my total lack of ability to afford things at the time.



    I am saddened by this also. Even with the internet, I thought there was room for local high end audio sales.



    Truly bad news. I knew Brad when he was the owner of Sound Solutions in Marietta. He is a good man, and I am sorry this is happening.



    From the latest UARB agenda, it looks like this space is going to become a store for Dr. Martens shoes,

    4. 1764 North High Street, Doc Marten Shoes
    applicant: Jeanne Cabral (Jeanne Cabral Architects)
    to be reviewed:~7:15
    exterior modifications, signage


    This would be pretty interesting seeing as how there are currently only 14 other Doc Martens stores in the country.




    They sell them at famous footwear. I don’t think it will be that big of a draw but will probably do fine with all the college kids.




    And it’s up on their website. IMO, puts Columbus in pretty favorable company given which other cities here in the US they’ve chosen for stores.




    Walked in completely randomly last night doing some flyering on Campus. Nice looking place inside, but unfortunately they sell Docs, lol.

    Last time they made a quality shoe was like maybe 20 years ago or so.



    I was very upset to learn this. I will need to make other arrangements to get new moving coil cartridges and have my turntable calibrated. I’m afraid that the .MP3 download has pretty much killed the already limited demand for high-end audio.



    Good news for those earlier posters who were sorry to hear of Progressive closing as well as Brad Orrison’s departure. He is back and working at Sound & Vision which just opened this week at 1216 E. Powell Rd; Lewis Center (about 1/2 mile from where Polaris becomes E. Powell Rd. — near Aspen Ski & Board). Drop by and say Hello. We would love to see you.



    Nice words les. Thanks for running a perfectly good business into the ground in a very short amount of time.The place thrived before you showed up in an industry you had no business messing with. You should be proud LV.



    Ha, random drama out of nowhere. :)

    Glad it popped this up, did not realize that Sound & Vision place existed. I’ll check that place out!

    Eugene_C – The internet thrives with high end places, most who are very happy to let you trial items if your dropping $800 bucks on a cart…and you should learn how to calibrate your table yourself, a few tools and some practice and it’s pretty easy to do.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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