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Places to visit in Ohio

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    The Metroparks in Brecksville, Ohio is beautiful and has great hiking trails and bridle trails, especially around the Deer Lick Cave area.



    Wooster, Oh makes for a great day trip, approximately 90 minutes from Columbus. The College of Wooster has a beautiful campus and a great summer theater program. Downtown Wooster is very quaint, with a beautiful, historic courthouse and great public square. It includes an eclectic mix of restaurants at all price points and some interesting retail stores. Our favorite is Roomscapes which has one-of-a-kind furniture and home accessories at very affordable prices.


    Just ten minutes from Downtown Wooster off of Route 3 is Pine Tree Barn where you can enjoy a gourmet lunch and a beautiful lake setting and afterwards peruse the 25,000 square feet furniture and gift shop.


    You can travel back to Columbus via Route 3 which is a very scenic drive that passes through Mohican State Park, Loudonville, Mount Vernon and the historic downtown Westerville.


    For biking I recommend the Kokosing Gap Trail
    The Kokosing Gap Trail is one of the most successful “Rails To Trail” in all of Ohio. The trail is a nicely paved and maintained path that extends more than 14 miles from Mount Vernon, Ohio to Danville, Ohio.
    And the Black Hand Gorge state nature preserve.
    The preserve offers several nature trails, one of which is paved and allows bikes! The fact that one can even bike through this area is a privilege… and a very enjoyable one!


    laChewla wrote >>
    I have never been to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, but it looks like a great place to visit, and the state’s only and nations most recently designated NP.

    We went up last year and had a really good time. Nice long bike path that goes right thru the park and the coolest part is you can ride the train, with your bike, all the way back up to the main entrance.
    Totally worth the trip.



    rprpclark said:
    Marietta is an old river town and former state capitol. It has the Lafayette Hotel and a couple of museums. Go via rt60 out of Zanesville. Stop at the operating manual navigation locks on the Muskingum river. The Blue Bell is an outstanding diner in McConnelsville, on the square. Zanesville has the Alan Cottril gallery. He builds life size and larger bronze sculptures, and always has some on the street in front! Its on S 6th street. Easy to find and he’s often there working.

    Marietta was Ohio’s first city, but it was never the state capital. (The first state capital was Chillicothe.)



    it’s not in Ohio,but not that far away.
    seven springs is nice as well.




    Lots of Columbusites haven’t visited their own backyards in a while – but this weekend is Experience Columbus Days – 1/2 off attractions like the Zoo, the Wilds, COSI, the Art Museum, Franklin Park (Columbus Food Adventures are sold out, unfortunately,) and 25% off the food bill at Columbus Dine Originals restaurants! Nice chance to do those things you’ve never done in town for cheap! ExperienceColumbusDays.com



    cheap said:
    it’s not in Ohio,but not that far away.
    seven springs is nice as well.


    I actually think Kentuck Knob* is the more interesting property – and when I was there, considerably cheaper to see.

    http://www.kentuckknob.com (this website is blocked from my work – *rolls eyes*)

    *Also not in Ohio.

    I think that the cities of Cleveland and Cincinnati have a lot to offer – just spending a weekend (or day) in either one of them can be a great escape.



    I grew up in a small village town about two miles from Pomeroy…when I see someone posting here that they’re going to visit, it excites me that an outsider is going out of their way to visit but also surprises me because nowadays there really isn’t much to see besides what you’re seeing in the pictures on that link.

    A lot of the small, family-owned stores and shops have been hit by the economy, not to mention a Wal-Mart opening across the river in Mason, WV, about 11 years ago. Wal-Mart did bring a lot of jobs to the area though, and it provides a 24-hour place to shop that doesn’t require a 30+ mile drive, but yeah it’s still Wal-Mart (though for the past couple years, this is where I bought my Yuengling until now).

    The Meigs County Museum is an option, but note the M-F 10a-3p hours…not exactly compliant to a weekend trip.

    UrbanOhio says, “Not bad for an old coal town and also being the home of Ohio’s only Civil War battlefield,” but that is not entirely correct. The battlefield is on the other side of the Meigs County “boot” near the village of Portland, OH, on what is known as Buffington Island. You can’t really see the actual island unless you’re on the river, though there isn’t much to see anyway; a barn that once stood on an edge of the island eroded into the river a few years ago. However, there is a monument at a park about a half-mile up the road from the island. Once leaves fall off the trees during Fall and Winter, it is be possible to pull off the road and see a portion of the island if you know where to look, or there is a small festival and battle re-enactment every July.

    If you’re looking for some local food flavor in Pomeroy, the choices are a little limited outside of national fast food chains. Your primary choices are Court St Grill just across from the county courthouse and Wild Horse Cafe with its once-anatomically-correct horse statue out front (be sure to ask someone about that when/if you go).

    Aside from all that, my newest suggestion may be a stop at Shade Winery if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s located just off US 33 near the Meigs/Athens County line on your way from Columbus to Pomeroy (or vise versa). My suggestion would be to plan that after your big day out in Meigs County, because your best option for any type of motel (if you’re staying overnight) is actually in Athens (pending it’s not OU Move-in/Homecoming/Dad’s/Mom’s/Parents’/Graduation Weekend).

    Or if you’re going from Meigs County to Jackson, as you approach Gallipolis you can always skip across the river to Point Pleasant, WV, and see the “famous” Mothman Statue

    Columbusite said:
    I want to check out the mining towns in Appalachian Ohio. Pomeroy, Jackson, and the ghost town of Shawnee look promising. Serpent Mound is also of interest and there’s nearby Great Seal State Park with the toughest trail in the state.



    We just spent a weekend in Geneva-on-the-Lake, and I’d highly recommend it–especially if you’re a wine drinker. We stayed at the Lake House Inn , which is right on the water (and I mean RIGHT on the water–after all the rain last week, there was virtually no beach). We did a guided wine tasting tour, but there are 15 wineries in the area and you can easily drive yourself around. The “strip” feels like it’s frozen in the 60s–a beachside burger stand, an old-fashioned arcade, etc. The actual town is pretty sleepy after labor day, but I hear that it’s pretty lively in the summertime.


    Alex Silbajoris

    Also outside of Ohio is Madison Indiana, another old brick river town. They used to be rather run-down but things have been improving in the last ten years or so.

    And if you like a twisty drive, take Rt. 62, the Chief White Eyes Trail.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans


    Columbusite said:
    I want to check out the mining towns in Appalachian Ohio. the ghost town of Shawnee look promising.

    vestanpance said:
    wow.. that ghost town looks awesome. Anyone ever been?

    I wonder how the 700 or so people who live there feel about the “ghost-town” tag?

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