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Pizza Grand Prix V - Sunday, March 14th

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans


    Sunday, March 14th – 6:00pm – 8:00pm

    Wild Goose Creative – 2491 Summit Street

    Pizza Party Free for All

    – Bring your favorite pizza shop’s medium-sized pizza with you.

    – Try out all of the other pizzas that everyone else brings.

    – Decide which pizza in Columbus you think is truly the best.

    Homemade Pizza Competition

    Judging will be based on taste, appearance, and creativity

    email [email protected] to be entered into the


    Judges and Prizes

    Bill Yerkes – Bono Pizza

    Roland Kopecky – Bacon Camp Winner

    Jodi Aufdencamp – Mama Mimi’s Pizza

    Bethia Woolf – HungryWoolf.com


    BYOB – Bring your own beer

    BYOW – Bring your own wine

    BYOP – Bring your own pop


    Uh… what else? More pizza!

    Pizza Grand Prix 5 takes place on Sun, March 14th 6:00pm – 8:00pm

    at Wild Goose Creative, Located at 2491 Summit Street

    Description from http://www.WildGooseCreative.com:

    Wild Goose Creative teams up with Columbus Underground for round five of Pizza Grand Prix. While some events stagnate over time, Pizza Grand Prix continues to refine like a fine wine or aged cheese. This edition will offer the usual assortment of the best pizzas from Columbus and beyond as well as a judged homemade pizza competition with prizes. Our esteemed judges for the Homemade Pizza Competition are: Jodi Aufdencamp – Mama Mimi’s Pizza Roland Kopecky – Columbus Pierogi King Bill Yerkes – Pizza artisan from Bono Pizza The Grand prizewinner in the homemade competition will receive a gift tin full of merchandise from Red Gold Tomatoes as well as other goodies. Contestants for the homemade pizza competition should contact [email protected] by March 11th for details. For those that would rather take instead of bake a pizza… Think of Pizza Grand Prix as a giant pizza potluck. Your price of admission is a medium pizza from your favorite pizza shop or your own hand crafted pizza pie. Bring a pizza to share then spend the rest of the night trying pizzas from all over town. As a bonus, attendees can watch Dave from Webercam.com craft pizzas from scratch in his modified Weber kettle grill. When you come through the door at Wild Goose Creative, we will ask you to sign in your pizza. Then write the name of the pie and the toppings on the inside box lid so everyone knows what they are eating and from where. If you care to bring a few extra menus along, even better A few suggestions: 1) Ask for your pizza to be tavern or party cut (translation = squares) when you order. As much as non- wedge/triangle sliced pizza riles people, small squares are essential for large-scale pizza consumption. 2) Bring a Tupperware container, at the end of the night we have a lot of pizza left over and no one wants to waste it. 3) Bring your own beverage. 4) To limit overlap we ask people to post on CU (if possible) where they are bringing a pizza from and what the toppings are.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    We’ll keep a running tab of what everyone is bringing here:

    Homemade Competition:

    – Somer: Potato, Red Onion & Goat Cheese
    – Rockmastermike: Meat Pizza
    – Matt: Either Gorgonzola and Grapes or Sopressata and Roasted Onion
    – Matthew: Chicago-style
    – Stefan: una pizza margherita di napoli

    Non-Competition Tasting:

    – cookie: Clever Crow
    – Dave Weber: webcam grill pizza
    – LauraA: Hounddog’s
    – Porky: Catalfino’s Champion
    – AmyJ: Bexley Pizza Plus – Farmer’s Market Pizza
    – patient_zero: Slammer’s Vegetarian
    – tourist19: Adriatico’s
    – Coremodels: Sparano’s Pepperoni
    – Matt: Rotolo’s Pizza
    – Jake Devine: Either Pizza Hut or Ohio State Pizza
    – Walker: Minuteman Pepperoni & Mushroom

    Past Events:
    Pizza Grand Prix 4
    Pizza Grand Prix 3
    Pizza Grand Prix 2
    Pizza Grand Prix 1



    It’s on our calendar. I will let Rockmastermike speak for both of us when it comes to what is being offered.



    Oh, shoot. I wanted to bring Clever Crow, but they’re closed on Sunday.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Cookie wrote >>
    Oh, shoot. I wanted to bring Clever Crow, but they’re closed on Sunday.

    Perhaps they could do a take-n-bake version for you the day before?


    CMH Gourmand

    Dave from Webercam will be back with his grilled pizza but he is a just doing a few this time…so he has time to mingle – so get there early for grilled pizza goodness.

    I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE, that Rock(et)master Mike will enter the homemade competition. His previous homemade pizzas were pretty damn awesome and with an added smoked or cured meat or two…..I believe pizza nirvana could be achieved.

    Bill from Bono will have a special surprise that I promise will be memorable….that I all I can say.



    Yes I will be cooking… something… Hopefully it will turn out similar enough to pizza that I can bring it to this event.



    This sounds awesome. I’m sad I missed the last four events.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Never too late to get started! :D



    OK, I think I’m in for a Crow Style pizza from Clever Crow unless he’s got a really good vegetarian special on that day.


    CMH Gourmand

    For the homemade pizza contestants – if you do not place first you still get a prize – from Mama Mimi’s. You have to like those odds.

    Looking at past pizzas comments – if anyone is looking to score big with the CU crowd – the The Hi Beck Smokehouse combo and anything Hounddogs will win the respect and adoration of your peers.



    CMH Gourmand wrote >>
    -if anyone is looking to score big with the CU crowd – the The Hi Beck Smokehouse combo and anything Hounddogs will win the respect and adoration of your peers.

    I wish I could claim Dave as my own. I’d stop by his house, strap his Weber grill to my car, wisk him inside and feed him some delicious beers, and bring him to Wild Goose to create some 600° pie art.


    CMH Gourmand

    Have no fear, Webercam Dave will be there as a contestant and with a few extra sample pies. Patient Zero will be my designated beer drinking substitute in my absence – so you will be drinking for two. Drop by Palmers the day before for some Pinkus brews.



    i am adding this to my calendar now. seems i always miss this.


    CMH Gourmand

    There is a special CoreModels Scholarship for this event: If CoreModels shows he does not need to bring a pizza. We do ask that he maintain a 6 foot safety zone from Cookie while present that is the only fine print.

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