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Piada Italian Street Food

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    Finally, Columbus gets a lettuce-and-spaghetti burrito vendor. The drips on the paper suggest a sort of orange grease being involved, which is also upping the ante for me.



    Well if it is opening in August, there are only 9 days left. Any word on the open date?

    Unfortunately no web presence yet, URL was in Biz First, but not up.



    today is the day !!


    CMH Gourmand

    Word on the street is that this place will open before Labor Day…but not today.


    CMH Gourmand

    I was in the area so I did a drive by yesterday. The location is 1315 W Lane Ave (between Kenny Road and North Star). The windows were papered up but a quick peek shows the place is close to opening.

    I did see a partial menu – salmon was listed…hmm.



    Drove by tonight and saw the papered windows were down and the lights were on and it looks very close to opening. There’s now a big sign in the front that says “Now Hiring”.



    Website is now up.



    Piada is opening this Wednesday Sept. 1. Cannot wait!



    Sign on the door says opening September 1st


    I stopped in last night and happened to chat with Chef Mike Bomberger, formerly of BDI (Bravo/ Brio) and Lindey’s. He told me a little bit about the concept and development… much of it was already covered in the aforementioned Columbus Business First article (again, found HERE).

    The place is clean and quite beautiful – think of a slightly higher-end version of Chipotle, but with Italian food. It’s a concept they have been working on for an amazing 2 1/2 years, so it’s no joke.

    Chef Mike did say that while they officially open on Wednesday, they should be open today and tomorrow for test runs. He didn’t specify what hours but I would assume this means lunch and dinner. I will try to run over there this afternoon and will report back my findings.

    Oh, and now that foursquare is my new obsession, I added them as a venue. Feel free to check in and encourage them to offer a special for foursquare users. :)



    I was fortunate enough to be invited to their test kitchen on King Ave. in Grandview for a tasting a few months ago. The food is delicious and unique, you can’t find something like a piada anywhere else in town. They seem to have something for everyone. I’m looking forward to going there for lunch.



    Piada opened tonight and when I went it was totally packed. I really really liked it. The food was phenomenal and the interior was so well thought out and organized that I was actually kind of amazed it isn’t a chain (or is it?)…The concept definitely is Chipotle-esque. You select a meat (chicken, steak, italian meats, sausage) or veggie option, decide whether you want it on a Piada (an Italian-style thin floury flatbread lightly grilled and brushed with butter and seasoning) or in a salad bowl or pasta bowl. I had chicken which was good and well-seasoned. Then you select a sauce, I had basil pesto which was very tasty and my partner had creamy parmesan which was good too. Then you can pick tons of veggies which I really liked and I thought it differentiated the concept from a place like Chipotle where the options are pretty much lettuce and cheese. There’s several cheese options, several lettuce options and tons of veggies (black olives, marinated artichokes, mushrooms, squash, red peppers, etc). You even get to add angel hair pasta. Also tried the piada stick which was good but not that hearty/filling. Overall, very impressed and will definitely be back!


    Andrew Hall

    Meh. On the spectrum, a lot closer to Olive Garden than Italia. I don’t think I am the target audience for this place though.

    In a time where options truly on the street are both authentic AND diverse, it is lamentable to see the direction a new operation has chosen to take.



    Jimbo Jones

    I tried it for dinner last night and I enjoyed it. I went with the pasta bowl with chicken, and also tried the calamari. My wife and I definitely will be going back.

    Nothing like Olive Garden, Andrew. An earlier poster made a good point. If Piada was downtown, most CU’ers would be raving about it. But because it’s in suburbia, you are predisposed to criticize it. I wonder whether people would have the same opinion of Dirty Frank’s if it weren’t located downtown? I think not.



    Piada is nothing like Olive Garden.
    I have been waiting for Piada to open since I was first introduced to their delightful menu and tasty food at a catered event hosted by Germain Lexus.
    I’ll have to venture to Lane Ave sometime tomorrow or next week and check out the restaurant.

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