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    Mister Shifter

    I just bought my wife a somewhat entry level Digital SLR (Canon EOS Rebel T2i) for Christmas, and am looking for recommendations for getting her up to speed in using it properly.

    Obviously books are an option, but are there any better local alternatives in the form of classes, or groups?

    I tried searching on here but didn’t find anything. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.



    fredmiranda.com is a good forum for critique. If you are just interested in the basics of operation I could possibly help you out personally.

    Otherwise I know from experience that Cord pushes their classes when they sell a camera. Not sure what all they cover now, but the price point seems a bit high to me.



    I’ve always heard that Cord’s classes were pretty good but never sat through one myself.

    Anything specific you/her are looking to learn/know? Narrowing that part down might help some. If it’s just overall operation, Cord’s classes might be pretty good. If there is something a little more fine tuned then it might be easier to find something for that scenerio.
    I’m always up for trying to help out where I can when people are learning. My problem is since I’m basically self taught, sometimes I can’t answer all of the questions.

    Let me know if I can help


    Mister Shifter

    Thanks both of you. What Cord offers looks pretty ideal. My wife really only has experience with point-and-shoot cameras and has no knowledge of ISO or aperture settings for example. It sounds like the Cord “Digital SLR 101” offering is a beginners class that starts you from the very basics which is what she needs. Five 1.5 hour classes and a field trip to Franklin Park Conservatory for around $189 doesn’t sound too bad to me, honestly. I’ll probably go with it, and I’ll be happy to report her experience/thoughts later on.



    I personally like the articles posted here:


    He is extremely straight forward. One of the best tips I found is to adjust your exposure compensation. Canons seem to work best at -2/3.

    Also, focus on the composition of the picture more than the technical merits and settings of the camera. Most newer DSLRs are pretty good at judging the white balance, setting the ISO, and shutter speed.


    photo dan

    ive been doing photography for few years still need to learn how to shoot properly and edited,and wanna take my photography to another level,(HELP)


    I know some people who are happy with this group:


    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans
Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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