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PETA - too sensitive, or doing their job?

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    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    von wrote:

    Personally, i think this is too far. i am all for the organization saving animals and sticking up for animal rights when it comes to testing and inhumane treatment.

    i do not subscribe to their way of thinking on many issues, but i respect that they exist for a reason. But….is this too far?

    Anne Evans
    Anne Evans

    I admit, I have been feeling guilty lately smashing the ants I have seen in my house, but still. This is pretty ridiculous!



    Sometimes you gotta assert your place at the top of the food chain. The guy is Commander in Chief of our military, & thousands of humans live or die based on his policies & decisions. I can appreciate having a “harm no living thing policy” but that lifestyle is only realistic if you’re an Jainist monk, living in the woods walking barefoot & choosing each step carefully to avoid stepping on insects.



    That is absurd
    I dislike PETA and this is just confirms my thoughts about them. It only shows that PETA is unable to accept anyone else’s point of view or opinion and feel there good enough to pass judgment. Personally I don’t like to see that cute little animals get killed for luxury coats but obviously some people like them I won’t pass judgment I just won’t buy one.

    ETA: It was PETA’s spokesperson (Pam Anderson) who attended the grand opening of a strip club/Steakhouse last month.


    Nitsud Regnifloh

    yeah, i mean, seriously, do all PETA members live this way? what about bugs that get smashed on my windshield? do those count as crimes against insects?


    I’m about as big an animal lover as you’ll find and hate PETA with a passion.

    I’m curious how a group that operates kill shelters, euthanizing thousands of dogs and cats every year, justifies getting upset about killing a fly…



    von wrote >>
    yeah, i mean, seriously, do all PETA members live this way? what about bugs that get smashed on my windshield? do those count as crimes against insects?

    Yeah, it seems like that kind of attitude is just going to open you up to a really stressful life, or hypocrisy on a daily basis. I don’t go out of my way to kill insects, but I’m not gonna light a candle for some swarm of mosquitos hovering in front of my truck. Sorry guys, but hey, if you’re Buddhist mosquitos, I just sped up your reincarnation process. Maybe you’ll come back next time as something with a little more personality.



    How small is an animal before it shouldn’t be killed? Apparently flies are large enough to be worthy of protection…
    what about roundworms or hookworms? Tapeworms are certainly larger than flies… should we let them live too? Is giving your dog heartworm medication against PETA rules? Does a mammal trump a nematode on the protective scale?

    Is PETA going to come out against the use of antibiotics to kill bacteria next? I mean, where do they draw the line on this? Are they going to say that its ok to kill prokaryotic but not eukaryotic organisms over a certain number of cells? What is that number? Doesn’t defining a number set up a “slippery slope”?

    Arn’t animals worthy of protection even if they only have one cell? Then what about yeast (eukaryotic animal)? Does drinking beer kill too many yeast? Is fermentation exploitative of animals? Are they going to call for a ban on monistat?

    This is just stupid attention whoring like most of what PETA says and does.


    Nitsud Regnifloh

    mike, couldnt have stated that better myself.



    Rockmaster +1



    Oh PETA. How ridiculous. What Blammo said. I will screech to a halt for a squirrel but I’m not going to swerve to miss a bee. And I will kill a spider if it’s warranted. Come and get me.



    I don’t really get people who say they hate PETA with die-hard rage or something. I mean, they’re obnoxious, but do you really care that much?

    The fly thing = super stupid. Even in my vegetarian years I couldn’t care about this.


    And that’s why Rockmaster is my hero.


    Nitsud Regnifloh

    Trixie wrote >>
    I will screech to a halt for a squirrel

    my fiance has this mentality too, dangerous!! THIS IS NOT SAFE TO DO.



    What gets me is, who DOES like PETA? I don’t know anyone. I have been in too many of these conversations over the years about every single idiotic thing PETA does and I cannot recall one person ever coming to their defense.

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