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Pennsylvania takes major shot at the Arnold Strongman and lack of drug testing

Home Forums General Columbus Discussion Pennsylvania takes major shot at the Arnold Strongman and lack of drug testing

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    Please see links to both the resolution written by Representative Joe Hackett and a story on Forbes Magazine about the resolution and how it pertains to the World’s Strongest Man TV show.

    His resolution – which has 28 co-sponsors – condemns steroids and all other PEDs and also rebukes any organization that allows or encourages steroid use. Named are the World’s Strongest Man, America’s Strongest Man and the Arnold Strongman Classic which takes place in less than two weeks.

    Eight American serious competitors have died since 2000 including 2012 Arnold Champion Mike Jenkins who died suddenly this past Thanksgiving. And he is not the latest.

    Please read the attachment on Representative Hackett’s cover letter to read the actual resolution that names the Arnold, the World’s Strongest Man and America’s Strongest Man.

    ESPN dropped WSM last year from this pressure.

    PATS – the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainers Society – an organization that represents over 3000 licensed trainers in PA has endorsed and as you can see, Forbes Magazine has interest for their reasons.

    Forbes in producing a major piece on the steroid use at these shows that is scheduled to air on the Forbes Magazine TV show “Sports Money” at the end of March on the YES network (owned by the Yankees).



    The resolution could end up costing IMG a fortune as it is now being looked at by third parties – IMG agreed to a sale of itself to Robert Morris Agency for $2.4 billion. It must go through months of scrutiny to be approved and like the NFL concussion settlement, this could be cancelled because of IMG’s love of steroids.

    What does it mean for to the Arnold? Knowing Schwarzenegger he will keep on keeping on until the City of Columbus decides to get rid of him, his drugs, human trafficking and attitude.


    Regretfully, I don’t see Columbus discouraging steroid use (etc.) any time soon. Heck, the resident guru advocates strongly (sic) for them:



    Considering the NFL hasn’t even tested for PED’s during the last 2 years, I really don’t think bodybuilding is going to lead the charge on the topic.


    Louie Simmons is an Ohio tragedy. He is sick. He believes because HE has not had problems with steroids that it should be ok for everyone to use. Simmons should have been in jail a long time ago.
    He has abused and corrupted more young men than Jerry Sandusky….his perverted look at illegal drugs has influenced and turned many young men into drug addicts and several have died.
    Steroid use at the level described in the article Miriam shared a link with is by young people with self esteem or insecurity issues. The same profile you see pedofiles prey on. Steroid dealers are no different that heroin or cocaine dealers and should be treated that way. Most heroin and cocaine dealers are considered like child molesters and Louie Simmons should be treated that way. I hope Ohio has the guts to stand up to big business the way PA is doing.


    Miriam – you know what is really depressing for Columbus residents. The station that did that report is owned by the Wolfe Family (they own the Dispatch, the most corrupt Newspaper in America). The Wolfe Family sponsor the Arnold. They are actually partly responsible for the steroid problem on Central Ohio and unfortunately go on to report on it!!!!

    Good luck Columbus, your city is f**cked.



    Actually, Bob, that is a good thing. that they would dare to report on it, and not try to cover up the story.

    I mean, I don’t know about your claim of “most corrupt”, but what good is being an evil media conglomerate if you can’t squash stories badmouthing your dastardly plans?


    The Dispatch and 10TV – both owned by the Wolfe Family are not going to connect the dots…that the Arnold is having an impact on the growth of steroid use in Central Ohio. They are sponsors of the Arnold. Wolfe has fired writers for trying to write stories that ask questions about government funding they have received.


    Clearly you have a personal grudge here, which makes this entire thread considerably less interesting.


    Coremodels said:
    Clearly you have a personal grudge here, which makes this entire thread considerably less interesting.

    Right. I care about people using steroids like I care about people smoking weed, not at all!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    robertsmith said:
    Good luck Columbus, your city is f**cked.

    Wait, what? Did I miss something? Columbus is completely fucked because of steroids?



    Snarf said:
    Right. I care about people using steroids like I care about people smoking weed, not at all!

    Yes, regrettably I think we should let people make their own decisions about what to put in their bodies for good or bad.


    Yes of course it is personal …isn’t everything we do personal at some level? Three of the eight dead were friends of mine. I am glad PA is doing something about it.



    Ban weightlifting! It’s a gateway drug to steroid abuse!



    The Arnold does not create the steroid problem in central ohio. The idea of being better, stronger, more chiseled is the problem. Any city that has a gym faces the same level of steroid use. The competitors aren’t coming to Columbus and acting as peddlers of vials and needles. Robert seems to have an axe to grind with the Arnold Showcase rather than the steroid issue itself. If we had an NFL or NBA team here would we then place the blame on those athletes? There’s a reason why Chris Paul, NBA Players Union President stated that he would not agree to HGH testing in the sport and would fight any attempt to implement that testing.


    The Arnold has had a horrible influence in Ohio and the rest of the country. It is the yearly convention of “Steroid Nation.” I would think any town would want it gone at this point. Arnold is not here because he likes Columbus, he is here to fill his wallet and roll.
    I am still amazed there is a statue of the world’s most famous drug trafficker in Columbus.

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