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Parsons Avenue ideas...?

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    SusanB wrote >>
    While not on Parsons, still in the area. My wildest neighborhood dream has come true! The awful white trash bar (the scene of many, many police runs, assaults, etc. in the past) The Bow Wow (at S.4th and Morrill) is now a gay bar. It’s right down the street from Coyote Janes (which is at High and Morrill). This right on the Merion Village/Hungarian Village border and is great for the neighborhood. I think that they will soon have drag shows and other fun stuff. So happy, now I won’t be afraid to walk in the place.

    No way!!!! Since when?


    I really hope they gave the place a serious makeover. It was way too intimidating.



    I think they just bought it last week so changes will come. I’ve heard that the inside has been cleaned up already.



    Parsons Ave. (where I suspect rents are cheap[er]) is a logical stretch for good, authenitc ethnic restaurants. I always hate driving out to the burbs for good ethnic food but I guess rents are cheaper in strip malls. I still want a good bakery/doughnut shop/coffee place.


    Please post pics of the new interior of the bar and exterior as it progresses (not sure if I’ll make it down there to do so myself). Curious to see how it turns out.



    parsons avenue is a shithole from the hospital south. i only drive down there to get chains for my stihl @ ace hardware.



    The Bow Wow is a block south of us, and while giving us glory shots of our home from television crews reporting bar fights and gun fights but reading the signs of new management the other day had me excited. “Look ma my house was on TV while reporting a homicide” I really hope it can assist in changing perceptions of the south side and assists in Merion Villages development.



    we should move the zoo to parsons
    anything that might bring in visitors to our city should be placed in a ghetto (*cough* like the casino)



    The Bow Wow now has signage proclaiming new ownership and Samatha Rollins MCing male strippers on Wednesdays. Woot! Haven’t been inside yet, they are closed on Sundays.


    Again, Columbus has no ghettos period. If Parsons was, I’d be scared to go there even during the day, let alone at night. The near south side of Chicago is ghetto, just to give readers a frame of reference.

    I’m guessing that means the new place is open?



    also saw some new signs, menus and pics, in the windows at Coyote Jane’s. Any word on an opening date?



    Yes Bow Wow is open as a gay bar and Samantha Rollins is hosting on Saturdays as well. Johnny and Evan are supposed to strip there this Saturday (Aug 14). I think it is an 11pm show.

    I just want to know if they were clever enough to think keeping the name was a play on people thinking Columbus’ own (Lil) Bow Wow is gay…


    “Again, Columbus has no ghettos period.”

    I assume by “ghetto” we’re talking about low-income, predominantly minority neighborhoods, with high crime (especially violence, drug traffic, prostitution.)

    If that’s the case, you are just plain patently false. Wanna go sometime?

    Granted, there’s nothing on the scale of the South Side. Columbus “ghetto” is usually an apartment complex or a set of streets in a neighborhood that are easily defensible and have been taken over by gangs. And yes, I mean real fucking guns and colors and trap spot gangs. I mean 14yo takes out 14yo over turf. I mean kids moving the bandana off their heat as I drive by to let me know they see me and don’t know me.
    I am starting to feel like the nonchalance about the problem here is becoming the problem. The gangs are literally out of control – the cops stopped telling the media when they think a crime is gang related because they’re afraid publicity is fueling the fire.
    Again, I’m not comparing anything in Columbus to Chicago violence, but failing to acknowlege that there are “ghettos” is only going to make it worse. And whats the point of ignoring it? Does it make someone cooler if they can say they’ve seen it worse somewhere else, and that whatever is happening here is bush league? “Silly Columbus, you don’t have ghettos or gangs, only REAL cities have that, and I would know, cuz I know real city shit…” Bullshit, a life is a life, a neighborhood is a neighborhood.
    There is indeed “ghetto” in Columbus, and unless those of us that live outside it start speaking up, it’s only going to get worse and spread out.

    HUGE DISCLAIMER – I’ve already been riled up by a food cart making an ignorant post that compared the SNBA to the Short North Posse today, and I drove by a group of kids this evening that made it a point to show me their colors and heat, so I’m on a rant and I accept that. This is not intended just @columbusite, as I’ve heard what I quoted from him from a massive number of people. I just think it’s a pretty dangerous misconception to have or spread, and I had to vent it out.


    Checked out The Bow Wow with some friends and we enjoyed our time there. Still scary looking on the outside, but the clientele is nowhere near as threatening. The South Side is now apparently the gay dive bar district.

Viewing 14 posts - 61 through 74 (of 74 total)

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