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Parsons Avenue ideas...?

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    I didn’t know about Coyote Jane’s, that’s awesome as that I can walk there from my house. I was hoping for another gay bar in that location but Mexican food is a another great option. Great news (not that Tawd is gone but on the new menu) on the food at Hal & Als, sounds yummy.



    halandals wrote >>
    @deraj1013 Congrats!!!!
    I am excited to check out Coyote Jane’s myself, I really love that building and I am so happy it will not sit empty any longer.

    What building is this going to be in?



    It’s on S. High @ E. Morrill Ave, Craters used to be a restuarant there.



    halandals wrote >> Also really tasty beer battered fried avocados served with a creamy cilantro-lime dipping sauce.

    <Eyes bulging out of head>
    Get outta here. This sounds sinfully good. I was there a day or two before Rad Dog closed shop, so I’m happy you have continued to offer tasty pub grub. See you soon!



    Woo-hoo!!!! Mexican food on my new street. Please tell me you have a liquor license and will be serving strong margaritas :-)



    Excited to hear what kind of establishment Coyote Jane is going to be! I’m a Mexican snob so if it’s good I’ll be there as much as I can and just a block away! We can stumble home from a night of margaritas and blend in with locals, like we always wanted.



    tourist19 wrote >>
    Woo-hoo!!!! Mexican food on my new street. Please tell me you have a liquor license and will be serving strong margaritas :-)

    Yeah, maybe they’ll stock Cazadores tequila. Yum. Let’s hit them up after they open and when you have a clear flight schedule! An impromptu CU meetup, maybe.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Hopefully more info about Coyote Jane’s coming soon. Been working on an interview with the owner (one of the women behind Banana Bean) but she’s been toiling away at getting it up and running and hasn’t had a spare minute yet. ;)


    Finally, more and more people are finding out that while Parsons isn’t High St, it still ain’t so bad. Yes, the fried avocados are at least as good as they sound and I’m very much looking forward to Coyote Jane’s.




    The Name of the Art gallery is Studio One. Great addition to
    the Neighborhood!!1



    Columbusite wrote >>

    Studio One


    Should have posted this here.


    Looks like it’s straight out of the Short North. Very nice!



    While not on Parsons, still in the area. My wildest neighborhood dream has come true! The awful white trash bar (the scene of many, many police runs, assaults, etc. in the past) The Bow Wow (at S.4th and Morrill) is now a gay bar. It’s right down the street from Coyote Janes (which is at High and Morrill). This right on the Merion Village/Hungarian Village border and is great for the neighborhood. I think that they will soon have drag shows and other fun stuff. So happy, now I won’t be afraid to walk in the place.


    I always joked with my friends that we should check it out, but I was advised against someone who went there that that was a bad idea. S 4th is another little secondary commercial street and perhaps the least known. I didn’t know it existed until I was photographing the neighborhood: like Parsons it could be a great strip and just needs more publicity. Any pics of the new exterior (and a review)? Here’s the before, what’s it called now?

    The revitalization of the South Side hoods is rather curious. It’s not the Schumacher Place stretch of Parsons that’s being fixed up like I thought, but the central section. For S 4th I would have thought the northernmost storefronts around the Merion Village Neighborhood Association office would have been first, but again revitalization is taking a south-north approach. So, since Morrill seems to be the street of choice with Coyote Jane’s and a new bar I predict Morrill & Parsons will see the next new storefront in the area. It’s a solid, clean little brick building that just needs a decent awning and a couple additional windows. Oh, and a new business.


    And here’s an urbanism blog’s advice on successful restaurant-based revitalization. Although it’s about H Street in DC, it still has relevance here. I know I would like to see a bar on Parsons that does reasonably priced pitchers of sangria.

    [b]A real-life example of Richard’s Rules for Restaurant-Based Neighborhood Revitalization[/b]

    Contrast the recent experience on Georgia Avenue, according to the article “[url=http://washington.bizjournals.com/washington/stories/2008/06/16/story5.html?b=1213588800%5E1649326]Restaurant closure leaves bad taste on Georgia Avenue[/url]” from the Washington Business Journal, versus “[url=http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/06/24/AR2008062400483.html]H Is for Happening[/url],” subtitled “Entrepreneurs Push a NE Neighborhood Toward New Life as a Food Destination,” from the Washington Post about the H Street NE corridor.

    [url=http://urbanplacesandspaces.blogspot.com/2005/09/richards-rules-for-restaurant-driven.html]Richard’s Rules[/url] are based on the premise that in commercial districts that are under-patronized successful restaurants rely on frequent visits by a (relatively) great number of people, mostly from around your neighborhood, at least at the beginning. Examples from Capitol Hill include La Lomita and Banana Cafe. These restaurants helped seed their areas, and provided first phase commercial district revitalization energy to their respective areas. Now, a newer phase of more upscale restaurant options has come to Capitol Hill, which face it, had a bunch of restaurants, but most weren’t “great.” Now it has Montmarte, Cucina Meditalia, Jordan’s 8 (site of a fundraiser for Councilmember Kwame Brown tonight), Starfish, Tapatini’s, Sonoma, and others in the pipeline.


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