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Parsons Ave Parking and Street Proposal

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    So I know this has been mentioned before, couldn’t find the original post, but this is back in the news.

    I can’t find the video but I guess the news was talking to Hal and Als who claims (also on their website) that the parking change would hurt them and possibly put them out of business.

    Living kinda next to this place and seeing the few cars that park on Parsons, and everyone who parks on Gates to go to the bar anyway, I don’t get the severity of the issue.

    So I am wondering out loud, will going from 10 on street spots to 6 with plenty of side street and other parking nearby really hurt a business that bad?



    Don’t they own that vacant lot next to the bar? If parking really is such a huge issue (which I don’t think it is), why not let cars park on the lot?



    I don’t know, they use the lot for food trucks already so you’d think that’s OK.

    I’m just really interested to know if this is a legit concern or not. I don’t own a bar or a business so I really don’t know what side to support.



    So I assume they’re keeping parking on one side of the street?

    Making it three lanes instead of four should be a big safety improvement. It eliminates sudden lane changes, improves visibility for turners, reduces travel speeds, and provides spaces for pedestrian refuge islands.



    I saw that they were upset about it, but when I looked at the plan I couldn’t understand why. The street will be a lot nicer and there will still be plenty of parking. If they go out of business it’s because the food isn’t very good (sorry,, at least it wasn’t a year ago), not because Parsons got a major upgrade.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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