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    Here’s the issue. It’s kind of a vent/pet peeve, so I apologize in advance if I come off as a bit bitter.

    I pay $25 per year for one of those permits. I recognize the fact that it does not GUARANTEE me a spot in front of my house, but it should be good for a few tickets (on other cars) more than just the weekend of Comfest, right? (I live in the area of Comfest, and that weekend is just about the only time when tickets are guaranteed.)

    The signs say “3 hour parking, unless city permit.” However, meters in the area end at 10 PM. I’m convinced that if someone parks there at 7:15 PM, they won’t get a ticket because the meter-checking ends at 10 PM.

    This makes weekend parking EXTREMELY difficult.

    Anyone I can raise my concern with and try to get it a situation where you MUST have a permit? (Ideally.)

    Likewise…on Neil Avenue, south of King, the east side of the street was “free” parking on July 5th. I checked again on July 17th and had to park somewhere in the area of 6th and Highland, as that was the first area I found where a permit was not required.

    Interestingly enough, I did NOT see any tickets in the new area. (I did see orange notices, but those were something about street cleaning that tied into some random political issue.)

    Is there a map I can download that shows me where I can park with certain permits and where I can park if I don’t have that permit?

    The city’s letter-based permit system is a joke. I’d call it a fraud, but I *have* seen a very occasional ticket that wasn’t on High Street or in the Park Street “bar” area.



    I see zone enforcement pretty regularly where I live in Harrison West. Maybe talk to your neighborhood liaison police officer.



    groundrules said:
    I see zone enforcement pretty regularly where I live in Harrison West. Maybe talk to your neighborhood liaison police officer.

    Any ideas how to go about locating contact info for this officer would be fantastic.

    I also found a partial map at this PDF, but apparently, such maps like I’m looking for are city secrets.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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