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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    GCrites80s said:
    I’ve only seen the rendering that was quoted on this page. Obviously, there’s a parking lot in front of the building. But, isn’t that Lave Avenue Shopping Center’s (guess that’s the old name) parking lot, not a new one?

    Heh. Heaven forbid they share parking spaces. ;)



    *cough* lots of room for redevelopment in Fifth by Northwest with easy access to resident from all of the inner rings and the freeway, without the difficult neighborhood issues of Grandview and UA *cough*



    What about the new Marriott branded hotel on Olentangy? Isn’t that 5xNW territory? And if I’m not mistaken the new 180+ apartment complex at 3rd and Olentangy also falls within the same area. Those two would equal the UA development – not sure where the Grandview smack comes from though. Is wanting to have a quality development like the Grandview Yard a bad thing? I’m sure they could have gone with strip mall like developments that happens all over 5th ave, but the city wanted something better and can you blame them?

    Now if something could happen to 5th ave, truly that is one of the ugliest urban roads in the city – High traffic, very poor buildings. The stretch between Grandview Ave and Norton is flat out awful and yet full of great potential.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    AMEEKER said:
    …without the difficult neighborhood issues of Grandview and UA…

    I’m sure that anywhere that 3+ stories of commercial development is built near residential homes is going to elicit someone nearby to complain, no matter which neighborhood. ;)



    @futureman – I didn’t mean AT ALL as a hit to Grandview and UA. My thoughts are that the because the makeup of 5xNW is already so greatly mixed between residential and commercial, there is a great opportunity to redevelop the existing properties, vacant buildings and lands without it feeling like such an intrusion into a residential neighborhood like the UA Entertainment District. Not that we don’t have a NEIGHBORHOOD over here – we obviously do. I just think it’s a neighborhood of a different fabric than Grandview and UA (again, not meaning that at all in a demeaning way towards any of the involved neighborhoods).

    RE: the hotel and the apartment, yes, those are both in 5xNW. Those are the types of developments I think 5xNW can welcome more easily than our neighbors. As for the strip malls… strip malls don’t HAVE to equal tanning salons and check cashing places. Yes, many of the strip malls in 5xNW are outdated & ugly – desperately in need of a refresh, but they also house a good number of local businesses. I’m sure you know as well as anyone that many of the beloved “Grandview” establishments are actually in Fifth by Northwest. There is lots of space here for more of those locally owned businesses. ((WAIT! Now I know that long before there was a Fifth by Northwest, those businesses were just basically in Grandview, but since we’ve got a name and a commission and a spot on the map, we might as well do something with it! Name it and claim it, baby!))

    Ok – back to business. RE: the loveliness of 5xNW? We just got sidewalks down Northwest between Fifth and King – MAJOR improvement. We’re getting trees down Fifth Ave – which will help so much to creating some shade for walking and breaking up the concrete view. Those are a great start.

    @walker No doubt. A big hotel anywhere will raise someone’s eyebrows.

    Again, no hate towards the residents of UA or Grandview at all. I wouldn’t want a big hotel or “entertainment district” next to my house if I owned a home over there, so I feel for them.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Via email:

    Dear Neighbors:
    Thanks to those of you who were able to join us for Monday night’s BZAP work session. It was yet another productive discussion among the development team, City staff, neighbors and the board about our proposal to redevelop the Lane Avenue Baptist Church site. As always, we appreciate your interest in the project and the future of the corridor.

    As you may already have heard, the biggest piece of news to come out of the meeting was a proposed redesign of both buildings that would bring them to, near and (in some places) under the 48-foot maximum height set by the City earlier this year.

    After a great deal of hard work, innovative thinking and creativity by the design team (as well as productive discussions and negotiations with the proposed hotel operator), we were able to bring the typical hotel roof height down to 48 feet. Despite significant interior design changes, the plan remains to keep the majority of the mechanicals inside the building. While City Code would allow all of the mechanicals to be located on the roof and be individually screened, we’ve asked to keep a two-foot parapet to screen the four small fans and condensing units and the mechanical penetrations, which would be placed near the center of the roof to reduce or eliminate their visual impact. While it may not be an ideal solution for anyone, we believe it’s a workable one that respects both the letter and the spirit of the City ordinance and the requests we’ve heard from many of the neighbors.

    The design team took a creative look at the mixed-use building as well, coming up with an innovative “step” design that would lower the building by 5 feet from front to back. That would be accomplished by sinking the proposed garage into the ground a bit and reducing its floor-to-floor heights as well. While the height would remain the same at the front of the building, the roof of the building at the sides and rear would drop to 47 feet – a foot below the 48-foot maximum. Similar to the hotel, we’re still proposing to locate the mechanicals inside the building with a two-foot parapet on the roof to screen the fans, condensing units and rooftop penetrations (which must be located on the roof in order to function).

    In addition to the building height improvements, there were also productive discussions about traffic (the city’s traffic study consultant is still making final evaluations), parking (the design team has presented a parking plan that meets hotel standards and City Code), and storm and sanitary sewers (which also meet code). We also got support from the board for an 8-foot fence behind the proposed development (as long as the neighbors are in favor and the fence is stepped down to four feet at either end).

    While we’ve been pleased to be able to address and accommodate many of your questions and concerns, we realize there’s still more work to do. We will continue to work hard with you, the City and the board to address any outstanding issues in advance of our next meeting on October 17. We hope you’ll join us then. In the meantime, thanks again for your interest, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


    The Lane Avenue Redevelopment Team



    Traffic-calming plans hit financial speed bump
    Thursday October 20, 2011 7:05 AM

    Plans to install traffic-calming measures on Brandon and Chester roads hit a speed bump when bids for the work came in much higher than expected.

    Costs were estimated at $60,000 to $70,000, but the two contractors that submitted bids said it would cost about $109,000 to to finish the work by Thanksgiving.

    READ MORE: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2011/10/20/Traffic-calming-plans-hit-financial-speed-bump.html



    ^Uh oh, looks like a Calm Caravan has turned into a Clam Caravan once again.

    (been waiting a while to use that one)



    Developers begin tenant search for Lane Avenue church site
    Business First by Brian R. Ball, Staff reporter
    Date: Thursday, January 12, 2012, 2:51pm EST

    Marketers for the mixed-use complex replacing the Lane Avenue Baptist Church have started searching for retail and office tenants to fill the bottom two floors of the project set for 1600 Lane Avenue. Agents Jamie Moore and Don Brokaw of the Crawford Hoying Real Estate Services brokerage this week put out a flyer through the Central Ohio Commercial Information Exchange listing service as a joint venture wraps up acquisition of the property. Developers Real Estate Development Advisors LLC and Crawford Hoying Ltd. formed Lane Avenue Redevelopment LLC in 2011, unveiling the project in August.

    READ MORE: http://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/blog/2012/01/developers-begin-search-for-tenants.html



    Upper Arlington to use bed tax for bills, not marketing
    By Dean Narciso
    The Columbus Dispatch
    Wednesday February 1, 2012 5:37 AM

    With construction to begin this year on Upper Arlington’s first hotel, the city must decide how to spend the proceeds of its new lodging tax. Some communities, including Westerville and Dublin, pump that money back into marketing, aiming to attract even more business. In Upper Arlington, city leaders say encouraging development around the hotel is important, but the proceeds from the city’s 6 percent tax are needed to help offset expected state cuts of $600,000 this year in local-government aid.

    READ MORE: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/business/2012/02/01/ua-to-use-bed-tax-for-bills-not-marketing.html



    Via Email:

    March 29, 2012
    Good afternoon everyone,

    We wanted to reach out to everyone who was receiving email updates from us last year relative to the Lane Avenue/AEP project, the Mixed-Use Project public review process, and other road construction projects in the area, with an overview of what is on the horizon in 2012 with construction projects, both in the Lane Avenue area and the community at large. If you no longer wish to receive updates from us, just reply to this email and I will be sure to have you removed from this list as we move forward.

    Please read on for a summary of pending projects:

    Berkshire Road – In the immediate future, work on Berkshire Road is scheduled to start the week of April 9. A two-year project, Phase I begins with the section between Coventry Road and Northwest Boulevard. The work includes waterline and storm sewer installation, curb & gutter removal and replacement, driveway approach removal and replacement, and roadway reconstruction. During construction, this section of Berkshire Road will be closed to through traffic. The project will be completed by early August, weather permitting.

    Lane Avenue
    Resurfacing of Lane Avenue is pending for the section between Riverside Drive and Northwest Boulevard. This work will occur in the summer when school is out – working around UA’s Fourth of July celebrations – and should be completed within a three-week period.

    The Lane Avenue commercial district will prove the most complicated project in the community this summer:

    * As the Whole Foods project at the Shops on Lane Avenue progresses, improvements at the Beaumont Road entryway and around the Lane Avenue entryway will begin earlyApril and last approximately one month. This includes sidewalks, curb and gutter and drive approach installation. Work on the replacement traffic signal will likely occur in June and July.
    * While an official start date has yet to emerge for the new mixed-use project on the north side of the street, we believe this will be early summer. This work will necessitate the closure of the north lane in front of the project to accommodate a safe construction zone.
    * The City is proceeding with its plans for new waterline installations on this section of Lane Avenue, Wellesley Drive, and Mount Holyoke. Plans are for this work tooccur while school is out for the summer (probable June start date), with a more detailed schedule pending.
    * Traffic calming measures for Brandon and Chester roads will be installed this spring/early summer, with a more detailed timeframe still pending at this time.
    * The new roadway configuration for this section of Lane Avenue will be implemented.
    * It is important to note that resurfacing work for this section of Lane Avenue will not occur until 2013, once a significant portion of the mixed-use project is complete and the north lane is returned to service. The Engineering Division will, however, closely monitor the quality of the roadway around the concrete trench from last year’s AEP project, with patch repairs made as necessary.

    As soon as we have more concrete information on the mixed-use project and all associated projects, we intend to host a public meeting, so please watch for details in the coming weeks.

    Edgehill Drive – from the park just off Oxford Drive down to Lear Road – is slated for storm drainage ditch improvement work. Concurrently, Columbia Gas will be undertaking utility relocation work. Initial work begins in the next few days, and it is likely the road will be closed to traffic somewhat frequently during hours of construction.

    Street Reconstruction Program – Three streets are scheduled for full roadway replacement, curb & gutter work, and some stormwater improvement work where necessary: Brandon Road – between Kirkley and Trentwood; Birchcrest Road – between Tremont and Riverhill; and Kingsgate Road/Westbury Drive. This work is expected to begin late spring/early summer.

    Street Maintenance Program – Various resurfacing projects also are slated, with project timelines pending:

    * Riverside Drive– from Trabue to UA’s southern border. This is a partnership project with the Ohio Department of Transportation relative to a larger project on Riverside, with the City contributing 20% toward the cost of this portion of work;
    * Fairfax Drive; and
    * Sawmill Road (south of Henderson), Rushmore Drive, Waldo Place, and Squirrel Bend.

    Waltham Road Update – Previously scheduled to occur this year, the successful securing of funds for the installation of a roundabout at the Waltham, North Star and Kinnear intersection, has pushed the second phase of this project into 2013 to allow for the necessary engineering work.

    Road project updates will be posted on our website throughout the course of the season, at the following link: http://www.uaoh.net/category/subcategory.php?fCS=3-25.

    Thank you.
    Emma Speight
    Community Affairs Director
    City of Upper Arlington



    Update Via Email:

    May 18, 2012
    RE: Lane Avenue Mixed-Use Project Update

    Dear Community Member:

    As a courtesy to community member stakeholders relative to the Lane Avenue Mixed Use Project, I write to provide you with advance notice of a new development. The developers recently informed us they intend to submit a formal request to modify the project site plan that was previously approved by the Board of Zoning and Planning (BZAP).

    The developers are in the process of securing additional properties adjacent to their site, and will therefore be requesting BZAP’s approval of modifications that incorporate the newly acquired property to their plans. From what we understand, this step would increase surface parking, providing additional buffer between the two structures and the surrounding neighborhood. The project also would realize a net gain of approximately 60 extra parking spaces. Included with this letter is a copy of the revised site plan, showing both the current, approved footprint of the property, and the proposed expansion.

    The developers have indicated that their plan submittal will be in time for BZAP consideration and action on Monday, June 18, 2012. Property owners within 100 feet of the project will receive an official letter of notice not less than 10 days before the Board meeting, and the meeting will be advertised in local papers five days before the above date. The City will also post details on its website, and send out additional email communication to community members that have expressed interest in this project.

    I invite and encourage you to direct any questions to Bob Lamb, Economic Development Manager for Upper Arlington, at 614-583-5046 ([email protected]).

    Theodore J. Staton
    City Manager



    More parking!? Sheesh, there’s a big parking lot behind the Shops on Lane that no one uses. I’m surprised they don’t just go up another level on the garage (or down). I’m guessing they must be restricted on height of the garage so we’re stuck with surface lots.


    columbusmike said:
    More parking!? Sheesh, there’s a big parking lot behind the Shops on Lane that no one uses.

    Maybe if you can’t see it from the street people don’t realize it’s there? ;)



    columbusmike said:
    More parking!? Sheesh, there’s a big parking lot behind the Shops on Lane that no one uses. I’m surprised they don’t just go up another level on the garage (or down). I’m guessing they must be restricted on height of the garage so we’re stuck with surface lots.

    I’m sure it’s way cheaper to buy a house and build surface parking than to create a parking garage.

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