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    osulew said:
    Actually, from what I understand from friends living in the immediate area, that’s not the case at all. Apparently the hotel/apartments have so far caused nothing but headache and congestion. They are being permitted to run backup generators at late night and early morning hours that resonate through the whole block of homes around it and actually rattle windows. Despite complaints to the city and, per residents, the city stating that they have threatened the complex with fines for further noise infractions, they have failed to comply at this point. And although the area is walkable for immediate residents, folks in the area say that it has increased driving/parking traffic immensely…so much so that it is completely congested and fairly dangerous with increased traffic accidents. Don’t get me wrong, I think urbanizing suburban areas is pretty cool in general, but lots of people live in these areas because they DIDN’T want to be in that sort of environment. Just hope they can do something with Lane Ave and traffic safety and with the new complex’s noise issues so that everyone can be happy and this area can thrive.

    I think COTA should try to increase service frequency to this area. Frequent all-day service to OSU and/or downtown could go a long way towards reducing the car trips.



    Published on November 21, 2013 12:30 pm
    Hudson 29 Kitchen & Drink Coming to The Lane in 2014
    By: Ayana Wilson

    Hudson 29 will feature simple cuisine, artfully prepared to showcase the ingredients. Flatbreads straight from the pizza oven, farm-style salads using fresh and seasonal components, knife-and-fork sandwiches that will stick to all the right places, and aromatic rotisserie chickens are just some of what will grace the menu.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/hudson-29-kitchen-drink-coming-to-the-lane-in-2014-aw1

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Almost open!

    Brian Anthony Kirby
    Brian Anthony Kirby

    Hudson 29

    –Great experience–

    I absolutely loved the house made bourbon soda…just the right amount of carbonation and citrus! They even have a sommelier to assist with those important wine decisions (or to settle a dispute amongst friends).

    The four cheese butter rolls were, well I mean…four cheeses and butter…mmmmmmmm.

    Skip the valet service. There is plenty of parking in the garage

Viewing 4 posts - 211 through 214 (of 214 total)

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