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Paint your car/wheels! Plasti Dip/ Liquid Wrap

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    Decided to post this after seeing someone start a thread involving auto detailing!

    Paint your car or wheels just about any color you can think of!!! We use Plasti Dip as the base product for our pricing but have an upgraded option of Halo EFX for a smoother, durable, vibrant finish (removable without damage to paint underneath) and can do any color/finish…matte, satin, and gloss (DYC TopCoat available…OEM appearance gloss finish). Paint entire car (starts at $500), wheels (start at $80), badges (start at $40), grills (start at 40), smoked headlights/ tail lights (starts at $40).

    Each car is given a complimentary intensive wash that assures maximum grip of any product the customer desires.

    We are very experienced with these products and will change certain conditions such as additives and drying times in order to assure the customer is completely satisfied with the end result.

    Email for free estimate and consultation!

    We work out of a residential garage, it keeps our costs down while still allowing us to provide a quality service, which in turn means massive savings for you. The garage is prepared the day you bring your car that insures a well ventilated particle free environment for painting. A simple dip at many local shops will cost you an excess of $900, whereas we would charge only $500 for the same dip with the same quality…we just don’t have high operating costs! Full warranty and care sheets will be administered upon the pick up of the car.

    Please contact us with any questions you have!




    Analogue Kid

    Plastidip ranks up there with landau roofs and fake portholes in the world of tacky automotive trends.


    And as i’m sure you read, that is what is used as the base for pricing I almost always try to get people to go for the Halo. Before you criticize, indulge yourself on what can become of the basic, mundane, and overall boring through this website “http://www.haloefx.com/” You opinion lies in what you like, do not let it tarnish a fresh mind that seeks something unique.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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