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(OSU Freshman perspective) Bookstores & Bratwurst: A Trip to German Village

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    A blog post from a OSU freshman on his trip to German Village. I always find it interesting to read the younger generations take on things we talk about all the time as “adults”

    My last name is Steingass. And unless you have lived under a rock for the past few centuries, you can easily recognize that my ancestors hail from Deutschland. Although I am only ¼ German (let’s go Great Britain and America!), I can proudly say that Germans have a very unique style all to their own, which the rest of the world loves to indulge.

    Italy has its pastas and Vespas; France its baguettes and cafes; Mexico has tacos and sombreros, Greece has flaming cheese and democracy, China has fortune cookies and everything. What does Germany have? Calorically-dense-and-starchy-homestyle food and books. I mean, the Deutch did invent the printing press. Thus, my brother and I decided to venture south of campus and indulge ourselves in the culture of our ancestors.

    – See more at: http://undergrad.osu.edu/buckeyes_blog/?p=15457#sthash.LQGdXtjy.dpuf


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