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    Not that Tom
    Not that Tom

    Yeah Walker – Gay St might have the potential. But the type of new bars that would most likely need to come in would be ones that cater to the outdoor day drinking types of bars, and a more lively festive atmosphere which is (dare I say) louder.

    i.e. not the Due Amici, Mitchells, or even J. Gumbos kinds of places.

    If we’re going all aspiration – I’d love for a livelier bar or two on Gay St, and maybe the district could extend around the Commons and more bars near Mo Joe and DeNovo get going, like at High Point or those new buildings being built at High and Rich.

    Josh Lapp
    Josh Lapp

    Serious question… what do people think of the idea of having open container in the Gay Street area? Specifically, the blocks from Front to Fourth. One of the biggest requests we get from attendees at the Moonlight Market is for us to close the street down and add beer trucks and let people drink in the streets, but the cost and coordination is too much, and it would compete directly with alcohol sales at the restaurants.

    If open container were allowed, you could grab a drink from Tip Top or Due Amici or J. Gumbos or anywhere else that sells beer, wine or cocktails and stroll the Moonlight Market (or any other type of event) without the hassle of having to coordinate something like that.


    I think if you did Gay from High to 4th, Lynn and Pearl it could really be an interesting unique setting that could really change the feel of Downtown in a positive way. I’ve been thinking of the idea of using the districts as a revitalization and economic development tool.

    I think Brewery District and Gay Street could really be enhanced by having a district. I love the idea too that you could put biergarten tables up and down Pearl and Lynn and really have something cool going on that you can’t find elsewhere in the region. There are also plenty of vacant or underutilized storefronts that are just screaming for new businesses in the area. Couple that with the massive amount of parking available Downtown during off peak hours and you have the makings of a great alternative entertainment to the Short North.

    King Gambrinus
    King Gambrinus

    I wouldn’t want it in the Short North. I love drinking in the the area, but I see it causing more problems than its worth. The law allows you to drink on the bicycle taxis so you can now do that up and down the street.

    I agree that the Brewery District is too spread out. The heyday of that area predates me so maybe I just don’t see the potential.

    I think Park Street is a good choice. It’s fairly compact, they already have a heavy police presence down there. I would take it from Park Street over to Kilbourne. Then you have the highway as the Northern Boundary and the railroad tracks as the southern boundary. So I think it would be fairly self-contained and encourage more to be developed on eastern end of that range.

    I maybe like the Gay Street idea best. For all the reasons Walker mentioned. Especially if they tied it into that Pearl Alley idea. It might be harder to enforce at the boundaries, but would attract a different crowd than a Park Street one.



    As an SN resident living steps from High, I’m v-e-r-y relieved the SNA is not interested in this for the SN. Hight St in the SN has plenty of good times already. No need to go overboard.



    No Alcohol Allowed On Arena District Streets Despite New Law
    By Maureen Kocot
    Friday October 9, 2015 7:07 PM

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – A recent change in Ohio law had Blue Jackets fans thinking cocktails would be flowing freely through the Arena District by the start of the season. Ohio lawmakers cleared the way for the creation of an entertainment district allowing for open containers.

    READ MORE: http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2015/10/09/columbus-ohio-no-alcohol-allowed-on-arena-district-streets-despite-new-law.html

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