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Olympic Apartments?

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    Hey anyone have any news on the Olympic Apartments in Clintonville. With the mild weather I figured the developers would be all over it. However from my preview no progress at all. Shame as I live in the neighborhood and I have grown tired of the unsightly rubble piles and chain link fences.



    They have a facebook page, but no comments about the delay, just that “things are moving”. Might want to check in there and just ask them what’s up. Might need to make sure the filled-in pool is settled and stable before building.



    And I doubt there’s much need for another thread on the topic:




    I keep hearing about shortages of construction equipment and workers. They may just be delayed waiting in line for something, like any number of other projects around town.



    Re were a couple of guys there today with survey equipment and some of the large equipment has moved around the site.

    Nothing big, but it is something.



    They’ve recently changed the name of their Facebook page to “The Deco”, and have uploaded a new rendering with matching signage that looks pretty great.

    It appears this project is no longer called ‘The Olympic




    Huh, weird. “The Deco”. except the design is close but isn’t entirely ‘deco’. IIRC, Art deco buildings usually incorporate some curved features and geometric shapes, like curved corners and semi-circular/arched facade features and things like trapezoids and chevrons. They could also make it more deco by adding some contrasting color highlights to the siding. Maybe a few reddish and aqua-ish trapezoidal panels here and there.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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