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Olentangy Trail - north end closing

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    A week or so ago, while riding up/back to the northern end of the Olentangy Trail, I saw a couple of signs stating that the trail will be closing for 15 months, north of I-270, starting in early August ’15. While I’m aware of early efforts to extend the trail northward from Hills Market to Highbanks Park, I don’t see why that would require this closure. Can anyone shed light on why this segment is being closed for such a long time? I’m going to miss it!



    The closure is driven by the SR315/I270 phase of the northside freeway project.

    Here is a PDF of the flyer available on the trail.


    I’m disappointed that the northern trail is being closed while the south end by Cosi is closed and North Bank is a mess because of riverfront construction. Why not focus or double efforts and get some of these projects done in a timely fashion rather than starting something new?!



    the teail closing has nothing to do with multiple projects, it has everything t odo with the I-270 / 315 / 23 interchange.. and if anyone has ever used that area by car (my office is up there!!) this is a MUCH NEEDED project. the riverfront propject is not related to the highway projects.. however if you typically drove to worthington woods park then cycled from there.. you can park at the west wilson bridge entrance and cycle from there.. its not that much less mileage.. and you can still have breakfast / coffee /lunch at worthington hills by driving up there when done biking.. if you ride from your house, you can see there are alternates (albeit hilly!) to still cycle to worthington hills.

    hopefully the businesses at worthington hills are prepared as the Auto traffic pattern is also going to change in that area too as the bridge construction begins.

    downtown has been placed behind because of the excessively cold winters and rainy spring / summers we have had the last few years, making it difficult to finish the southern parts of that trail..


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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