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Hubbard Grill - Old Rosendales/Details space in Short North

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    elraptor wrote >>
    Loved the balcony, but the cost of that ambiance – $7+ an avg mixed drink – is just too high. Want to like this place but just isn’t worth the cost yet. Maybe I’ll give it another chance after a few months.

    I fear that it will end up like Mezzo ended up for me: great but just not for the price :(

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Finally made it to Hubbard Grille tonight to meet up with some friends for dinner.

    I tried a glass of the Hubbard Featured Draft Cocktail. I didn’t quite catch the actual name, but thought it was tasty. I ordered the burger and thought it was pretty good, and insanely big at a 1/2 pound. The fries weren’t really my thing… very thin and very crisp, but I can see other people digging them if that’s the style you prefer. Anne ordered the Salmon with Butternut Squash and really enjoyed it. For dessert we split a Key Lime Creme Brulee and enjoyed that as well.

    Our friends ordered another burger and the risotto, both of which they enjoyed. Very few complaints all around about the food. Felt very “comfort food” inspired, but with the quality kicked up a notch.

    Service was friendly and attentive despite the place being jam packed. We got there around 6:30pm and had no trouble sitting down, but it looked like there was a wait for tables come 7:15-ish.

    Our total bill was $47 pre-tip for a cocktail, a coke, two entrees and a dessert, which I thought was a pretty good price for two people for this type of mid-range dining experience.

    The crowd tonight seemed like a good mix of semi-formal diners and a younger crowd around the bar in jeans. I’d compare the vibe to that of Due Amici, Black Creek or Barrio on a weeknight.

    If they can keep this momentum going, I think this place will do extremely well.



    I just had my first Hubbard Grille experience, and I have to say, I was less than impressed.

    The space was nice, but nothing that really stood out from your average upscale bar. That’s not a complaint mind you, just merely stating that the space itself isn’t so mind blowingly awesome that I would go just for that.

    Everything else: food, drinks, and service, was underwhelming to put it delicately.

    First off, I got there early enough (prior to 6) to take advantage of the happy hour discount on cocktails. I ordered their “new” Old Fashioned. Perhaps what was new about it was that it was incredibly weak. Because what I received was a decidedly watery drink that was rather bland. I would be hard pressed to put it in the same kingdom as the Old Fashioned served up at say, Jury Room. To say nothing of the same family.

    While I have no specific complaints about the food, I can’t say that it stood out in any way either. I had the B.B.L.T. (the two B’s standing for Bacon and pork Belly). It was ok. Perhaps I shouldn’t have expected anything special, ordering what amounted to a BLT. But, I was certainly expecting something slightly more elaborate than that which I received. Which did nothing to distinguish itself from a more generic BLT — except for the fact that it contained even less bacon that one would usually expect.

    On the other hand, the sweet potato chips that my friend and I ordered were pretty tasty. However, if we hadn’t gotten those at the happy hour discounted price of 1/2 off, I don’t know that I’d have been as pleased with them. Although quite delicious with the maple syrup drizzle, the quantity wouldn’t justify full price. They’re not THAT good.

    Finally, the service was disappointing to say the least. When ordering my final beer of the evening, I requested a Breckenridge IPA. Perhaps confused by the number of towns in Colorado beginning with the letter B, the bartender brought me a Boulder Indian Brown Ale. Upon pointing out the error, she didn’t simply bring the correct beer. But instead tried to tell me that I had been given what I asked for.

    It took a good 5+ minutes to explain to her the difference between Boulder and Breckenridge. And even then she tried to give me a beer that wasn’t the IPA. I eventually had to resort to holding up the menu and point to 1) the beer which she gave me 2) the beer which she had in her hand and was trying to give me and 3) the beer which I ordered and actually wanted.

    I can’t say I’m eager to go back. Particularly with the prices where they are. Not that it’s excessively expensive. Not that is if you know you’re going to have a good experience. But, based on what I encountered tonight, I’d have serious doubts about anything from Hubbard Grille.



    Sounds like Chef Ramsey needs to come in before it goes under.



    Antonio wrote >>
    Sounds like Chef Ramsey needs to come in before it goes under.

    That made me chuckle!


    A watery flavorless old fashioned is a major buzzkill for sure.



    joev wrote >>
    I get the feeling that there are a lot of people in Columbus (not just on this board) who wouldn’t be satisified with anything other than Chef Garns back in that space. I wish the new restaurateurs the best of luck! (And I hope they change those ugly chairs Rosendales had!)

    I would take Chef Robert Wong!



    I’ve been there a couple of times now and it has always been good. Now I’m a local and I tend to just go somewhere else if a place is packed, so I am usually going on an off day like Sunday. It wouldn’t shock me if quality suffers when they are busy because they get *very* busy, but I’d consider that more working out the kinks than an actual quality issue. I think the recipes themselves are good.



    Review: Hubbard Grille Happy Hour
    Published on August 29, 2012 2:45 pm
    By: Morgan Kelley

    When approaching a restaurant to review, I try my best to sample items that are signature dishes or unique dishes, which can sometimes cause some oversight of a more traditional item done well. To address this, I’ve decided to occasionally approach a restaurant with a more narrowed focus to hone in more on a lunch menu (as I did with T. Murray’s) or a small plate menu (as I did with de-NOVO). When I decided my next stop would feature the Hubbard Grille, I immediately knew that I’d be reviewing the most important meal of the day… happy hour.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/review-hubbard-grille-happy-hour



    FROM HERE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/restaurant-roundup-grand-openings-new-menus-more-aw1

    The popular Short North restaurant which opened in 2010 showcasing a menu of locally-sourced ingredients has recently updated its offerings to reflect a much more distinct international flair to the homey comfort meals for which they’re known. New to the menu is the Tuna Napoleon – an appetizer consisting of fresh Ahi tuna dressed with a sesame soy vinaigrette and fresh avocado, served with crispy wantons, a Chimichurri Steak Salad – flank steak, mixed greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, cranberries, and cabbage tossed in a zesty sweet and sour vinaigrette, and Sweet & Sour Salmon – a generous portion of fish glazed and pan-seared and served with a coconut rice cake and pineapple-dried apricot salsa, among other delectable items.

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