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Old RJ Snapper's = Level Dining Lounge

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    Why is their business website hosted on a .mac subdomain?


    …isn’t this the old RJ Snapper’s space?



    Yes, the sign is above the old R.J. Snappers spot now.


    Core_Models wrote >>
    …isn’t this the old RJ Snapper’s space?

    Would have to be since they list the address as 700 High.



    i’ll save everyone the effort and state that the website is yet to have details about a menu, a drinks list or balconies and roof-top patios. i am sure they will fill it in as they go.

    but – can we please change the thread title before rumors start flying about Rigsby’s demise. i am sure they really, really appreciate their new neighbors declaring them dead. way to work well with those next door.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Some details about the aforementioned controversy in TOP:







    What an ass. whatever happened to businesses supporting each other? if anything this should push RL to put forward a better product, not try to stab away at their business in court. from what I get is that with other business ventures not doing so well he’s just trying to cling to what he can. seems like a move of desperation.


    Quite sad and pathetic, RL.


    now now, i would be freaking livid if my managers went behind my back to open another bar. i would be even more pissed to find out that they were using letterhead or any other company property of mine in there secret endeavor. it all sounds shady to me…. if the allegations are true, then shame on level. straight up! I dont blame rajesh in the least.


    my question is how would you handle this situation? the legal issue



    it really depends on who is really at fault. if level was doing that and working on Level with RL’s money and on RL’s time, then they are in the wrong. We’ll see about that.

    I just see RL getting desperate, especially making his employees sign a non-compete agreement. Just ridiculous and spiteful.

    another thing, I’ll admit I’m a total outsider on this. I’m just calling it as I see it.



    yeah i agree sherman ….. this sort of thing actually happens a lot. didn’t mattell sue “bratz” dolls last year over the same thing (people working on a similar business venture while still working for the company)?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 59 total)

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