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North Bank Condos VS Miranova

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    Northbank vs Southbank? How do Miranova and Northbank Tower stack up in the Columbus Condo Market?

    POSTED ON JANUARY 23, 2014

    The other day I had a client ask about Northbank Tower and the idea of relative value when considering other downtown Columbus condos. In general, Columbusites love the idea of, the look of, the location of, and the amenities offered at Northbank Tower but those price tags they aren’t so sure about. What else, then, can give one the same sort of lifestyle offered at that Arena District location? Miranova? Columbus’ Residential Towers of Power square off in what ended up being the bulk of my quick answer to this client:

    READ MORE: http://deliciousrealestate.com/northbank-vs-southbank-how-do-miranova-and-northbank-tower-stack-up-in-the-columbus-condo-market/

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Here’s a shot of Miranova I took today. Always stands out, even in the foggy/gray weather:



    Side note, does anyone else think they need to stop lighting up the flat concrete side of Miranova at night unless they dress it up somehow? It reminds me of the dead side of AEP. its a waste of energy to light it and doesn’t particularly contribute to the overall view of downtown.



    Northbank is in a better location, much more modern and with spectacular views. NB FTW.


    I like the one with the big grassy yard and three car garage.



    Miranova has beautiful views of the skyline too. When I worked at 10TV, whenever CBS did the Evening News in Columbus, we staged them over at Miranova for the backdrop. I was last there in 2012 and I must say, the interiors felt fairly dated for not being that old. Something to keep in mind for any buyers.

    Here’s one for sale: http://www.onemiranovaplace.com/property4sale_detail.asp?id=90

    +1 on the not lighting up the flat side of Mira.



    That actually costs a lot less than I thought it would. A place at the Jackson on High goes for $500k+



    Oh, I thought this might be a cage match or something. I’d like to see a CGI throw down of the two buildings. I can picture them hitting each other from each side of the Broad St bridge. Or maybe slapping each other with white gloves held in hand. ;)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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