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Noisy neighbor chickens

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    i reside in Columbus and our neighbors set up a chicken coop this spring. It’s been okay till the last couple months when the chickens have been continually so loud they wake members of our house and the house next door. Anyone know who to contact regarding this/ what the laws are about noise ordinances with owning chickens?
    Sleep-deprived neighbor



    You have to wait until owning chickens becomes uncool… ;-)

    Here are the laws:

    Click to access columbus.pdf

    My guess is that if it’s waking you up and your neighbors, it’s probably waking up the owners too.
    Probably wouldn’t hurt to probably talk with them about it first, before going to the city. Chickens make noise. The owners could probably reduce sound reflections from the coop with some acoustic foam and insulation but you can’t exactly soundproof a coop without hurting the birds.



    Thanks Dubdave00! Haha so true about the owning chicken trend, I love the idea, just not when the chicken coop is 10 feet from my bedroom window :/


    Nancy H

    Sounds a bit like your neighbors added the chickens but maybe didn’t bother with the permits. Some chicken specific info here




    If you don’t like the sound of chickens, then maybe you should move to the country!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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