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New Year's Eve 2012

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    Coremodels said:

    (Poor people are allowed fun nights out too.)



    I pretty much want to kill it at the Chile Verde dinner party. I can’t get enough of that place.



    New Year’s Eve at Anna’s Greek Cuisine

    Join us for a New Year’s Eve Party on December 31st from

    Our Special Dinner Menu will include:

    ~Complimentary Bottle of Wine~

    Vin de Crete (Red or White)

    *one per couple

    ~Appetizers for the Table~

    Sampler Platter to Share

    Grilled red peppers and zucchini roll-ups with herbs and cheese, grilled pita

    Greek Salad per Person

    ~Choice of One Entrée per Person~

    Lemon-Garlic Lamb Chops

    Tender, tasty, charbroiled lamb chops. Served with lemon potatoes and green beans.

    Athenian Chicken Parcels

    Tender chicken breast rolled up with a mixture of fresh herbs, spinach and crumbled Feta.

    Served with rice

    Lamb Parnasos

    A Greek Shepherd Favorite. Succulent lamb pieces cooked with fresh tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, eggplant and zucchini. Served with Greek spaghetti or rice.

    Greek Pangasius

    Mild white fish sauted in olive oil, garlic, lemon and white wine. Topped with a seared pan scallop and a delicate shrimp cream sauce. Served with braised rosemary red potatoes and baby asparagus spears.

    Vegetable Medley

    (Simply Sensational!)

    Sauted garlic, fresh zucchini, asparagus and basil strips lightly tossed with Egg-noodles and sun-dried tomatoes. Topped with grated parmesan and crumbled Feta.

    ~Choice of One Dessert per Couple~

    Baklava, Chocolate Baklava, Chocolate Raspberry Torte, Kataifi Ekmek, Lemon Cake, Greek Custard, Rice Pudding

    ~Cash Bar~

    Ouzo, Mixed Drinks, Full Wine Menu, Import & Domestic Beers, and Greek Coffee

    Please call today to reserve your spot & let us make your year end memorable




    It’s 6:00 am and I still haven’t gone to sleep. Happy New Year everyone, be safe, and have an enjoyable year.




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I forgot to review the Lattitude 41 meal we had. In one word, horrible. I do not know about this moleculor gastronomy, but the food on this menu was the worst ever. The fish course was pretty good, as was the fois gras, but the first course, and the dessert might be the worst things I have ever tasted in my life. It was truly horrible.


BuenaVista said:
I forgot to review the Lattitude 41 meal we had. In one word, horrible. I do not know about this moleculor gastronomy, but the food on this menu was the worst ever. The fish course was pretty good, as was the fois gras, but the first course, and the dessert might be the worst things I have ever tasted in my life. It was truly horrible.

I once ate some stuff at some place, it was bad too.



Snarf said:
I once ate some stuff at some place, it was bad too.

You wanted a full review? I do not do that. The food was bad bad bad bad bad bad, I cannot even begin to describe the courses I was served. This molecular gastronomy shit has to stop, the guy served me like frozen mashed potatos with frozen gravy, omg it was horrible.



You can’t argue about facts.


dx dy

I have lurked here for some time, I just wanted to hop on board and add that I too went to Latitude 41 for their NYE pre fixe, and I was very disappointed. For $75 per person I expected more (not food, just… taste). The “mashed potatoes” (maybe that’s what they were now that I think about it) tasted like freezerburned ice cream, the cold gravy on top tasted like some cheap bourbon, straight. The dessert tasted like a cold, week old jello from a nursing home. I think I like the taste of jello more. The salad we got– mehh. Everything was just mehh, or horrible. I only enjoyed one course out of the 6 to be honest. It makes me sad because everything I’ve ever had here was pretty decent. But that experience alone may cause me to never go back. I’m all for trying new things, but only when they taste good– some of the stuff I was served was almost inedible, and that is not an exaggeration.

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