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Shopping Center in Grandview with Firehouse Subs, Bar 145, Romeo's Pizza

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    Just drove by today the new shopping complex on 5th Ave in Grandview that is going to have a Firehouse Subs and spa in it. Anyone have details of when it will open or if other businesses are going in there?



    It’s in Fifth by Northwest. We emailed the developers to find out if any other stores have made certain plans, but haven’t heard back yet.



    Cool! Keep me posted!



    Maybe a Romeo’s Pizza??



    Oh that would be awesome!!!




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    The Firehouse Subs opened two days ago and the Romeo’s sign is up FYI



    Looks like the last commercial space was leased …

    Put-in-Bay vibe coming to Columbus at Bar 145
    Dan Eaton
    Staff reporter- Business First

    Bar 145 is landing in Columbus with a menu for foodies and a party atmosphere for night owls.

    While others have launched upscale bars with elevated menus, and still others have done the bar band live venues, Bar 145 will combine both, owner Jeremy Fitzgerald told me when discussing plans for his first Columbus venture at 955 W. Fifth Ave. near Grandview Heights.

    “We’re a gastropub, but a bit of a 21st century hybrid gastropub,” he said.

    READ MORE: http://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/blog/2013/02/put-in-bay-veteran-bringing-vibe-to.html



    Bar 145 Coming Soon to Columbus
    Published on February 5, 2013
    By: Walker

    If you’ll recall from last October, the Toledo-based Bar 145 has been scoping out the Columbus market for expansion of their burger bar gastropub concept. After a few months of searching, they’ve found what they’re looking for at 955 West 5th Avenue in the Fifth by Northwest neighborhood.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/bar-145-coming-soon-to-columbus



    Bar 145 looks neat, even if it is a “put n bay” vibe. Which to me reads, run away, cover your drinks, meathead party about to commence. But I don’t like fun sooooo


    melikecheese said:
    Bar 145 looks neat, even if it is a “put n bay” vibe. Which to me reads, run away, cover your drinks, meathead party about to commence. But I don’t like fun sooooo

    when was the last time you went to put in bay?



    I was there this summer. Loved the scenery. Hated the bars. However, having a second Columbus gastropub announced just as The Pearl opens is an interesting development (no pun intended).

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