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Margo's - New Restaurant in Development on West Broad Street

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    Elizabeth Lessner

    Congrats and best! I can’t wait to check it out!



    Very glad to hear about this. Will alcohol be served?


    Alex Silbajoris

    d_g, were you in Barley’s smokehouse yesterday, noon-ish? I overheard someone talking to the manager about starting a new restaurant.



    It’s great to hear all the buzz going over this, makes it really worth the effort… yes, it is my goal to serve cocktails. And… too bad it wasn’t me at Barley’s Smokehouse yesterday! Things are still in the early stages but the early feeling from the City and the people that have assisted me in putting the package together for Margo’s has been very positive. My first meeting is EARLY September, just like 20 days away. All that should be wrapped up in November and then we will start the design process. Some experts in the business have contacted me through CU and the email as well & it’s good to see as many people stepping out to lend a hand. Thanks for the encouragement to bring Margo’s to reality!



    Another set of hurdles have been overcome for what is Margo’s. Can’t give details but there is a developer involved at this point and only a few things need to be in place before more details about that will be released. The first draft of the menu is now complete & thanks to the wonderful person that was chosen to come up with the design. There were many hours involved in just the first draft but this lady is a TROOPER.
    I am geared for releasing more details in the coming days so keep the emails coming to [email protected] and again, the website will be up and running shortly. There will be pictures of the progress as it happens and of the people in the trenches that are making Margo’s happen.
    Will be on here to post more shortly!



    Just a quick note here, tomorrow is the first hurdle with the City of Columbus for zoning variences and approvals. I have never done this before but the developer and the engineer have assured me it’s an easy process.
    I would also like to thank the couple that stepped forward with a $1,000.00 check earlier this week to put community pride back where it belongs. This jesture did not go un-noticed and will be useful in taking care of the zoning board fees in the very near future.
    I will post more this weekend if any significant hurdles arise after tomorrows pow-wow.
    THANKS for paying close attention to what’s happening in Upper West Columbus… Margo’s will be something we will all be proud of.



    Things with the City went well Thursday and approval is tentatively scheduled with the City of Colmbus BZA on 11/17/09. No time set yet but, when it is I will let you know. Since that is a public forum, there is time alloted for the public to speak and I will surely need that assistance. If anyone is interested in seeing a working menu for Margo’s, please email me at [email protected] I will forward a copy to you as we are seeking input from customers. We would like to iron out details on breakfast for a week or so then work on the lunch, then dinner quisine’.

    Thanks again for everyone’s support!



    Margo’s is currently in need of an Accountant with restaurant experience. Must understand ammoritization, depreciation, taxation, insurance, payroll, licenses to serve alcohol and the like. It would be on a contingency basis til the establishement is up and running we are looking at Summer ’10 soft opening.
    If anyone is or knows of someone that would be interested, please contact [email protected]

    Thank you.

    There will be an investors meeting within the next few weeks, anyone intrested in helping bring Upper West Columbus into the place to live, work & dine… we would be interested in talking to you.



    d_gerard_777 wrote >>
    Things with the City went well Thursday and approval is tentatively scheduled with the City of Colmbus BZA on 11/17/09. No time set yet but, when it is I will let you know. Since that is a public forum, there is time alloted for the public to speak and I will surely need that assistance.

    I’m sure the BZA would welcome letters of support from neighboring businesses/residents, the Greater Hilltop Area Commission, the Hilltop Business Association, area block watch groups and other stakeholders.


    Excitement fills the air. I have never been more excited to be on board with an endeavor. This is going to make a difference in the lives and livelihood of many.



    That’s very true, Chef Mace is expecting a 2nd child and there are many that have approached me in Westgate about volunteering to be there, work there or put things in motion to keep Margo’s successful. There is a phone conference this week with 2 from the city and my Engineer for the project about parking variences.
    I have over 200 signatures from the businesses in the effected area, residence in the immediate affected area by the extra street parking and the residence of Westgate in general. I ran out of slots to sign within 4 days. Going door to door was a great experience. There are some things being passed out next Sunday at the Uptown on the Hilltop Parade that will come in handy for Grand Opening week next year.
    Hope to see you there!



    Sure seems like forever since I had anything to say here but, 02/26/10 is the day I expect the City of Columbus Board of Zoning to approve the variences we have requested to make Margo’s a reality. It took several weeks of explaining to officials that there is a severe lack of parking in the Westgate Corridor of West Broad Street. There appeared to be a hold-out between 2 departments but that seems to be cleared. It is exciting to finally give an update to a dream thats been years in the making and almost 10 months of footwork. All the letters of support, signatures from Westgate residents & the corridor business owners proved to be worth the effort. About 45 days from now I will be even happier than I am right now. Thanks to everyone for encouraging words, volunteerism & support. Our neighborhood will prevail.



    Two big events are coming up… Tuesday, Feb 23rd at 6 PM, anyone wishing to be at the Board of Zoning hearing on Margo’s behalf, the final approval hearing takes place. If you want to see change, real change in an area of Columbus that has been neglected for far too long… I welcome you to appear.
    Secondly, Saturday, March 6th, Margo’s is hosting an event to benefit the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. It will be held at Parkview Methodist Church, food served from 2-5PM. You will be able to eat items off the Margo’s menu, win some door prizes & be exposed to other Westgate/Hilltop businesses. Catch up with old freinds & create new.
    Sponsorship’s (mention in the event flyer/bring your business promotional material for atendees to take home with them)are $100.00 and include 2 tickets. Tickets alone are $15.00 each. Tickets are available starting NEXT friday… one week from tomorrow. Either contact [email protected] or stop in at Gearharts Hardware on W. Broad Street.
    ALL proceeds benefit the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. Look forward to meeting you there!


    I think the west side is changing. With the Casino and the Cooper Park Complex, it seems to be where everyone’s eye is focused.

    Cooper Park is a pretty highend development. Check it out http://www.cooperparkcomplex.com

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