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    I hope ColumbusUnderground readers will take a look at my new blog – Eat My Words: Adventures in Dining with Gary ( http://www.eat-my-words-blog.blogspot.com ). I welcome comments, suggestions, and recommendations!



    Hey Gary, it looks like you’ve put a lot of thought and work into the posts and thus, the content looks solid.

    I have one suggestion.

    Get your own domain name.

    You can still host your blog on Blogspot, but you want to use your own domain name. Especially since you’re investing that much time in producing the content.

    I purchase domains through Netfirms and Godaddy.

    Netfirms offers free privacy, which is nice if you want to stay in stealth mode while launching a site.

    Anyhow, try this coupon code “promo495” at Netfirms when you check out. It will allow you to purchase your .com domain name for $4.95. The price of a latte.

    Best of luck with the project.



    May I suggest that you not use white text on a black background? Maybe it’s just me, but I find it hard to read.

    Otherwise, I enjoyed your writing “voice” and your take on things. Thanks!



    Welcome to the blogging world!

    I agree with Jon and labi’s comments. A small header (or shorter intro announcement) allows readers to see content above the fold which will be helpful in drawing people in too.

    I like that you are taking your girls dining and can comment on kid-friendliness first hand.



    I like it.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Thanks for the positive feedback and helpful recommendations. I will try to incorporate them. In the meantime, please visit http://www.eat-my-words-blog.blogspot.com for my latest review – Knead Urban Diner!


    one food blog goes down, and one goes up to replace it. gotta love that.

    I look forward to reading your site. Keep up the good work.


    Check out my latest review of Lee Garden (Dublin) at http://www.eat-my-words-blog.blogspot.com. While you’re there, please take a look at recent reviews of Amul India, Knead, Mexica, Sumeno’s, and more!

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Went to Kogen’s Far East Fare before seeing The King’s Speech last evening. My review of Kogen’s is posted at http://www.eat-my-words-blog.blogspot.com. Enjoy!

    Lauren Wilson
    Lauren Wilson

    I dig it!
    One suggestion though…I’d love to see more pics of food taken by you rather than pics taken from FB or restaurant websites. That’s my fave part of the food and restaurant blogs I read most frequently :)


    After a hiatus of several weeks, Eat My Words is back! Check out my review of the Rude Dog Bar & Grill (in the Polaris area) at http://www.eat-my-words-blog.blogspot.com .


    I read many food blogs. But I will not read one with white type on a black background. Sorry.



    Is there more to the Rude Dog review that I’m missing? All I see is a description of the Black & Bleu burger that could have come right from the menu. How was it? How were the onion rings? And how about some pictures of your actual food?



    I agree with others, actual photos of your meals…


    CharlieMike: My apologies. I should have proofed the Rude Dog review before posting. Part of it got lost somehow and I didn’t realize it. I have edited it so that it more closely reflects what I *thought* I had originally posted.

    tolemac5050 and others: You are right; actual photos tell a better story than photos from a restaurants website or Facebook page. I have begun to do just that (when I remember to bring my camera!).

    In addition to a revised review of the Rude Dog Bar & Grill, please take a look at my coverage of recent visits to Market 65 and Barcelona on http://www.eat-my-words-blog.blogspot.com.

    And keep the comments coming. I am a blogging virgin and do appreciate the feedback!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)

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