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122 Olde Towne - New Apartment Development Proposed on Parsons Avenue

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Update from here: https://www.columbusunderground.com/development-roundup-updates-on-nine-proposals-and-projects-bw1

    Although it’s been nearly a year since a 40-unit apartment project was proposed for 122 Parsons Avenue in Olde Towne East, construction has yet to start. Brian Higgins of Arch City Development said that groundbreaking is scheduled for the spring — further negotiations with the neighborhood and underground storage tanks found on the site contributed to the delay in the start of construction.


    Does anyone have an update on this development? I haven’t seen a single construction worker near that site.

    ETA – Sorry, just saw your update in the link above, Walker. I guess we’ll see some movement in the Spring.



    A new proposal is in the works for this lot, apparently it will include retail this time. The developers will be presenting at the OTENA General Membership meeting April 13.



    Christylwilliams, Can you tell us where you got your information or who is behind Parsons Parc II (who now owns the site)?

    I found this BZA case but there is no attached document:


    Also, there is a NEAC site hearing this Saturday (4/9) at 122 Parsons but the address is listed as “136 PARSONS” which, based on my research, does not exist. I am wondering if the new owners are trying to create a second address for this site or whether it’s part of an attempt by the NEAC to keep this project under the radar or whether it is just an innocent typo.

    While the site hearing is better than nothing, the last time it was chaotic and focused on local business owners and others the commissioners seemed to personally know. I’d rather have my info up front so I can better prepare questions in case there is actually a chance to ask them this time.



    I also found this case (also with no document):


    This one has the address as 136 Parsons while the other case has the address of one of the various lawyers they are using.

    So I am guessing that either the city has typed the number wrong or the the proposal includes at least 2 distinct buildings fronting Parsons, each with their own address.

Viewing 5 posts - 136 through 140 (of 140 total)

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