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Lucky's Farmers Market - New Grocery Store in Clintonville

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    ^ Great response! :)


    Digital Dave

    Right on. I’m glad that the Goodwill bldg didn’t sit unoccupied for long. Beats being used for those lame-o temporary stores, like Halloween costumes or Christmas junk.



    Pablo said:
    Grocery store’s new venture will kick off in Clintonville
    Lucky’s Farmers Market plans High Street store, its first outside Colorado

    ThisWeek Community News

    A grocery store in Boulder, Colo., is making the leap to a chain operation — and Clintonville is on tap as its first new location.

    Lucky’s Farmers Market of Columbus LLC filed incorporation papers with the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office on Jan. 7, but prior to that, a local attorney had initiated the process for obtaining variances for the proposed store at 2784 N. High St., formerly a Goodwill thrift store.

    The new store will be located across the street from Giant Eagle.

    READ MORE: http://www.thisweeknews.com/content/stories/clintonville/news/2013/01/14/grocery-stores-new-venture-will-kick-off-in-clintonville.html



    Lucky’s Market Coming Soon to Clintonville
    Published on July 16, 2013 2:00 pm
    By: Ayana Wilson

    The Lucky’s concept was born in 2003, and is more than just your run-of-the-mill market. Indeed, the just over 20,000 square feet that Lucky’s will occupy will be home to sushi and salad bars, a hot food station, a butcher shop that features handmade sausages and nitrate-free, house-cured bacon, some 300 bulk food items, a large selection of vitamins and supplements, as well as natural and organic groceries.

    READ MORE: http://www.columbusunderground.com/luckys-market-coming-soon-to-clintonville-aw1



    I’m glad that there’s some positive development going in to that end of Clintonville (say what you will about Hustler Hollywood and Graffiti Burger, but they were better options than what replaced them), and I’m all for having another grocery option that’s closer to my home than any of the Whole Foods or Market District stores (the allegedly lower prices are also a plus). I have to think, though, that this store is going to severely impact a place like Weiland’s (I think that the Clintonville Community Market has its own niche, and won’t be as affected), which can’t feasibly compete price-wise with a larger chain. I’d really hate to lose that store; it’s become such an institution here in this neighborhood.



    ^Weiland’s does have a lot of loyal customers which will help. I do think you are right and that it might be impacted the most.



    Wait, Lucky’s is going to have the best liquor store in town?



    0Angle said:
    Wait, Lucky’s is going to have the best liquor store in town?

    They (Weilands, Hills etc) need to focus on the intangibles or unique in house products. Outside vendor stock is so easily recreated and often for less. Few people pay for nostalgia for very long. It is all about value added in some form or another.



    I hate to judge until they have been in business for a while. You figure most employees will be local and in this format they are probably pretty community oriented. I’d hate for someone in Nashville to not try Jeni’s because they made preconceived opinions.



    0Angle said:
    Wait, Lucky’s is going to have the best liquor store in town?


    Good, fairly-priced cheese, as well.

    I always used to go to Weiland’s but do so much more freuntly now because of the option of buying groceries along with a terrific wine/beer/liquor set-up. Though if they got serious about bread, I’d spend a lot more money there (hint…hint).

    But as much as I love Weiland’s, I certainly don’t shop there because of their produce. Which seems to be what Lucky’s could really add to the C-ville market. I assume that, if Lucky’s comes in as advertised, they’d more likely affect the frequency with which I go to the Lane Avenue WF.

    By the way, Weiland’s has been undergoing a modest renovation in recent months; some new flooring, new signage, etc. Something, IMO, that the old Hills Market desperately needs. I feel 20 years older whenever I walk into that place.



    In the long run I imagine it will all work out with each place focusing on particular strong points. I don’t see how more choices can be bad in an area that can support them.



    If you read this thread you get an idea of how many groceries have moved, or come and gone in the last few decades in this small area alone – Big Bear, Giant Eagle, Kroger, A$P, Super Duper, etc. I don’t think throwing Lucky’s into the mix is anything but part of the normal course of events.

    Stay Calm & Carry On. :)



    I do wonder if there’s any sort of trend of people routinely shopping at more places for groceries. It can be a little time consuming, but I shop at the following places with some frequency (sometimes for just a few specific items):

    C-ville Giant Eagle
    UA Market District
    C-Ville Kroger (for convenience only)
    Lane Ave WF
    Mediterranean Foods
    the Asian market across from the C-Ville GE
    the C-Ville Farmers Market

    And Thurn’s for bacon, of course.

    With far less frequent visits to places like The Andersons, Sawmill WF, Trader Joe’s, Fresh Market, Carfagna’s.

    Adding another name into the mix won’t add much to the complexity, being that I’ll drive by it most days.



    They now have a Facebook page for their C-ville location:




    Good to see new life in that plaza.

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