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New Furniture Store?

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    We just got a cb2 catalog last week. Wow, how we didn’t know of this place sooner. Although seemingly less than C&B, it’s still not cheap. But what a great selection!



    I wish a CB2 would open here. I remember hitting it up all the time in Chicago as much as Ikea ~haha~



    dru wrote >>
    if everyone in Columbus would order from their website, that would help raise our profile in their “where to open our next store” search. but their footprint requires a space much larger than the 4-Winds space. They might have fit in the old Functional Furnishings, and while we’re dreaming, they could probably easily fit in the old Sunflower spot at the Gateway.

    I order stuff from there all of the time and, if I don’t make the trip to Chicago myself, have people bring things back for me. I love CB2 – their stores, while few, are aesthetically pleasing on the outside as well. I was clamoring a while back when Grandview Yard was announced that they should build a store in that development. I feel like CB2 bridges that gap of cheap, Ikea crap and their mothership C&B.



    Glad to see that space will be filled…and I am itching to buy new furniture



    My mother opened an upscale resale furniture store not too long ago in Northeast Ohio. I am hopeful that her store is successful so she can expand by opening a small store down here in Columbus. The Columbus market seems to be a better fit for what she sells. I was thinking that renting a small space at Grandview Mercantile would be a good start. Here’s a link to her website http://www.fabulousinteriorsllc.com/aboutus.html.

    Any other ideas about getting affordable retail space in the Columbus market?

    Jason Powell
    Jason Powell

    I just got a CB2 magazine too….and I don’t even know why. It’s right up there with the type of stuff I buy though. Just curious, if we did want one of these stores in our city, is there someone within the company that could be contacted about opening up shop. Of course, it couldn’t just be anyone from Columbus calling them, yet someone higher up. Are there any city departments or organizations that determine what businesses the city needs or desires and then coordinates with the company with suggestions of setting up shop. Maybe if CB2 knows enough people in central Ohio would shop for affordably priced modern home furnishings, then maybe they would consider opening a store here. I would shop there. A store in the Short North or Riversouth would be awesome.



    Pottery Barn outlet is where it’s at. Got two nice living room chairs for about 35% the original price. Adult furniture!

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    jpizzow wrote >>
    Are there any city departments or organizations that determine what businesses the city needs or desires and then coordinates with the company with suggestions of setting up shop.

    I just posted a similar thought earlier today right here.

    My guess is that the Chamber of Commerce might be the closest thing we have to someone/something that fills that role, but I have no idea if they do any as specific as contact specific stores and try to entice them to open in specific regions such as Downtown.

    And even if they do actually have people doing that, they’re competing with developers at places like Easton and Polaris who I’m sure are calling the same stores and making the same pitches, and most likely have more to leverage and offer them than what can be promised in setting up downtown.

    Probably tough to do. I’m hoping that the “Mile on High” functions as some sort of master plan for this type of thing.



    So, uhhh… haven’t made my way over there yet. Did this store open and what is it?

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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