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The Apartments at Grandview Yard

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    This looks OK to me (I think it’s in the DC area):
    urban best buy.jpg" />



    So I see that a surface parking lot got zoned for the west side of the development but I didn’t see the north lot being talked about, did I miss that? Is that possibly being developed into something other than a parking lot?



    Keep in mind, like the above image illustrates that not all “big box reatailers” have to look like what we’ve become accustomed to in columbus. Our suburban shopping centers have not requested the large chains to really build more dense or urban versions of their stores. I feel an area like Grandview yard in which there is not unlimited space would be perfectly well within their right to request denser versions of these stores instead of the sprawltastic versions we all know and love.As long as theres money to be made the most chains like best buy,target,bed bath and beyond,home depot,lowes, and even walmart will accomodate these designs.They already have urban versions of their stores in other cities so it certainly isn’t unusual.

    Jason Powell
    Jason Powell

    ColumbusTime said:
    I meant area in general, but yes, was also referring to the Target at Lennox. I was just stating that I personally don’t want to see Grandview Yard turn into a huge asphalt park.

    From Grandview Yard, there is a Lowe’s, MicroCenter, Best Buy, Target, and Wal-Mart less than 10 miles away.

    Like others have said, an “asphalt park” is not what this development is striving for and I don’t think we will even have to worry about that at any level. Besides, 10 miles is way too far for a central city resident like myself to have to drive. Not saying I can’t drive that far or am too stubborn or lazy to, I just should not have to. The tens of thousands of people living in the urban core are lacking that Best Buy store or the like. I would love to see one built at Grandview Yard and I think it could be done in a more urban fashion, like the pic above suggests.

    Something like this would be great.


    Im sure the demand is there..think of all the people within 5 miles of Grandview yard who have the money to spend at stores like Best Buy..who knows it could be one of the busiest in the Columbus area.

    Here is another example of urban Home Depot in Chicago.


    I feel this development could be similar to Atlantic Station in Atlanta but on a much smaller scale.



    I feel like downtown Columbus should at least try to aim for some of this. It’d make actually living downtown easier and more realistic.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    OSUPhantom said:
    I feel like downtown Columbus should at least try to aim for some of this. It’d make actually living downtown easier and more realistic.

    We need a forward-thinking developer Downtown to lead the charge on big(ger) box retail. Grandview Yard is developed by NRI, so they’re the ones going after it for that location.

    This article is a few years old, but showcases how many developers want to have nothing to do with Downtown, either because it’s too risky, too expensive, or would be too competitive with their existing investments in suburban retail centers:




    Looks like we have an answer with what was going on with the area north of the parking garage.

    Grandview Yard to get apartments under Nationwide Realty plan
    Premium content from Business First – by Brian R. Ball
    Date: Friday, July 15, 2011, 6:00am EDT – Last Modified: Thursday, July 14, 2011, 5:20pm EDT
    Commercial Real Estate, Residential Real Estate

    Grandview Yard may be getting apartments, a rare development for landlocked Grandview Heights.

    Nationwide Realty Investors Ltd. has asked zoning officials to add a housing component to the developer’s growing office and retail project. The proposed 154 flats and townhouse-style apartments would be built in a trio of four-story buildings north of the Hyatt Place hotel.

    “(The apartment project) really establishes the mixed-use nature of the development,” said Patrik Bowman, director of administration for the city. “It creates a little more attention and excitement for the whole development and keeps it in the public’s eye.”

    The Lusk Architecture-designed complex would go up north of the first phase of the 90-acre Grandview Yard. In addition to the Hyatt hotel, the project includes an office building, fitness center and two restaurants.

    The plan filed July 8 shows two buildings and a two-level parking deck on a 2.8-ace site. A third building is planned on another acre. It also includes ground-level garages and carports in the U-shaped buildings. Bowman said the apartments will be up to 1,700 square feet.




    Good to hear they have started on the next phase.



    Stephen43215 said:
    It would be nice to have an electronic store like Best Buy closer to central city. Imagine all the OSU students and all the residents who live within 5 miles that would use it.. Im sure Best Buy could come up with a more urban footprint for the store.

    there’s a radio shack on High near Lane.

    Jason Powell
    Jason Powell

    A no-brainer.



    There is a Lowe’s on Hudson. I think that’s closer than Grove City.

    It would be awesome if a typically big-box retailer did something like in the above pictures in Columbus, but somehow I don’t think that would happen here. It’s too cheap to build something on the outskirts.



    I saw the post in Columbus Business First, here is a another Dispatch story on the apartments:


    Caught the update via this blog post:




    Someone posted in another thread (the one about development at Dublin Rd. & Grandview Ave.) that Market District would be building a store on 3rd just outside Grandview Yard; does anyone have any information about this?

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