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New Convention Center Parking Garage Proposed Along E Goodale

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    Not the prettiest of designs. But the renderings seem to indicate it will have a lot more color once finished, so at least it’s not just a big concrete block.



    So which is more soul killing, which is the real Agent Orange of downtown Columbus architecture? Parking garages like this one, or the quarter mile long High street side of the Convention Center itself?


    Agree with Eugene_C on the ugly factor. But, I have never seen a good looking parking garage, other than the ones faced with residential, retail, etc.

    They are now soliciting monthly parking to area businesses (and perhaps residents). Here are the rates:

    Group 1 – $95 per month<br>
    M-F use with access between 5am until 6pm only

    Group 2 – $65 per month<br>
    7 day per week evening access starting at 4pm until 4am

    Group 3 – $125 per month<br>
    24-7 unlimited access

    Group 4 – $175 per month<br>
    Reserved spaces on Level 1. Spaces will be signed and require hangtags issued

    The are also soliciting the various valet services. Don’t know those rates.

    these rates seem cheap and reasonable, am I missing something?

    King Gambrinus
    King Gambrinus

    The garage is now open for your parking pleasure.

    The stairwell doesn’t seem to have the kinda neat metal skeleton depicted in the rendering (as far as I could tell at night) but the lighting makes it more interesting than your average garage.


    A lot of people think it’s tacky and unattractive (granted, I’ve only really seen it while buzzing down 3rd street) but I think that’s why I kinda like it…


    Seems like they could have put this space to better use than a parking garage. Parking should be away from dense commerce and connected by easy transit. Something like a Goodale tram that picks up people from the arena district parking or parking to the east and drops people off at High st.



    Yeah Ned, it could be a 6 story mixed use luxury condo instead of parking for one of the largest convention centers in the midwest that pulls in over 2.5 million people a year.

Viewing 7 posts - 61 through 67 (of 67 total)

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