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New Convention Center Parking Garage Proposed Along E Goodale

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    ^^ thanks Eridony and ohbr. I just wanted to make sure they left that spot. The spot shown at the link does not show the area left over, and shows the garage and skybridge much closer to High. If I am seeing it right, if the garage is going up where I think it is then there is at least a 250 foot long wedge shaped strip between the garage and eastern ‘spur’ of the cap. That would be about 20,000 + square feet left over for a possible future hotel or hotel/condo combo(or something) That wedge shape would be bigger in size than the hotel area of say, the tower part of The Renaissance, which looks to have less than a 20,000 square foot footprint. It also looks like that spot would start at least 100 feet back from High, and not block any direct north views from the Joseph(Pizzuti would not want that).

    I never bothered to look at that last time I was down High street. *shrugs*

    King Gambrinus
    King Gambrinus

    I was curious about this garage because I think the only renderings I’ve seen have been of the convention center itself. It just makes me curious that the garage seems to be going fairly high and is leaving the western section open. Earlier articles have mentioned that NBBJ was doing the work and they seemed like a bit of overkill if you’re just talking a garage,so a little googling led me to this.

    This is just a study and I don’t know how old it is but the renderings for the convention center seem fairly close (but not exact) to the released renderings from March. The picture files seem to have a date of 06/01/15 in the file name. It also has a rendering of the garage which I don’t think I’ve seen before and seems to show what could potentially fill the western section they left open.

    high level



    King Gambrinus
    King Gambrinus

    Here’s the link to the NBBJ study


    I’ve also been staring at that top overly colorful rendering and I believe the blue/pink swirly thing is the “iconic sculpture over the intersection with Park Street” you can see its suspended from 4 poles.

    They’ve added what looks like grass and seating to the current barren concrete triangles on the bridges over 670.

    They’ve also added a ton of spec development east of third. It’s in that ephemeral white glowing look and seems to have overly optimistic spot lights. But the building to the west of the garage just behind the cap has a more solid look to it and appears to be 16 stories? I don’t know if that particular building will happen, but between these renderings and the other RFPs that happened earlier in the year I have to think something is going to happen there.



    The middle rendering is accurate as far as the final design of the garage.

    AFAIK, everything else is speculative/wishful thinking at this point.



    The ‘iconic sculpture over the intersection of Park Street’ in that rendering appears to be downtown Phoenix’s ‘Her Secret is Patience’ by Janet Echelman. I think we can do better than that honestly. In the daytime it’s simply a large net. At night it does look nice.

    Downtown Phoenix

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    New construction photo of the garage taken from the 4th Floor of The Joseph office building:



    they are moving this along nicely!..

    is this garage going to be only for conventioneers or will it be a public garage for people just coming to the short north area?


    It’ll be for public use as well as conventioneer use, if memory serves.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Looks like it’s getting close to topping out:

    FROM HERE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/construction-roundup-november-2015-part-2



    Such a beautiful addition to the skyline…..



    Looks like the convention center addition work is underway. The steel trellis structure has been removed and the entire north side is fenced.




    Eight Central Ohio artists commissioned to create work for a major installation in the Goodale Street Garage.

    “Reese Brothers Productions, a pair of consultants who assisted the county with the Hilton’s collection, are now assisting with the art curation for the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The scope of the project includes the eight original works being created for the Goodale garage, the Hyatt’s garage, and installations in the Vine Street garage that are facilitated by local arts organizations that engage the creative contributions of children and young adults. Several other pieces will live in the exterior and interior of the convention center, totaling over 100 works by as many artists.”



    I am still holding out hope for an eventual nice building in that space between the garage and High..kind of like in that fanciful rendering.



    Well, this is unarguably a great place for a garage, but man does that thing look ugly when you’re driving into town over the 3rd street bridge. Looks like giant cage.


    Nancy H

    Agree with Eugene_C on the ugly factor. But, I have never seen a good looking parking garage, other than the ones faced with residential, retail, etc.

    They are now soliciting monthly parking to area businesses (and perhaps residents). Here are the rates:

    Group 1 – $95 per month
    M-F use with access between 5am until 6pm only

    Group 2 – $65 per month
    7 day per week evening access starting at 4pm until 4am

    Group 3 – $125 per month
    24-7 unlimited access

    Group 4 – $175 per month
    Reserved spaces on Level 1. Spaces will be signed and require hangtags issued

    The are also soliciting the various valet services. Don’t know those rates.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 67 total)

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