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    Roopan Dey, publisher of “C Magazine” and owner of http://www.keepthecrazy.com will be opening a new high-end lounge at 114 N 3rd St, which is the ground floor location of Exchange Urban Lofts. The new nightspot, which aims to cater to the young professional audience of C Magazine, is rumored to be named “Creme” and will add to the list of other successful Gay Street businesses such as Mitchell’s Steakhouse, Due Amici & Tip Top Kitchen.

    Although no firm opening date has been set yet, we should expect to see it debut later this year.



    glad to see gay street is continuing to grow =)



    I don’t like the name…



    Seems more Long St. (but maybe that has a bad rep now).



    Lakee911 wrote >>
    I don’t like the name…

    There is a bar in DC called Creme, spelled the same way. I didnt like it there, I still dont like the name now. Oh well!



    nowcolumbus wrote >>
    Roopan Dey

    The Bengali Tiger?



    Is the new bar moving into the real estate office space or the photographer space?


    Neil Jaye

    That’s some good news. I think the Gay St. area will quickly become one of downtown’s best nightlife areas.



    Creme (pronounced Cream) or Creme (pronounced Krem-AY)?



    If it’s French (crème), it ain’t pronounced either way.



    It must be named after the non-dairy filling of a Twinkie.



    What’s going to be the service theme of this place? I get that it’s for the young professional crowd, but I’m not sure what they (we?) as a group eat and drink. Will it be cocktails? Craft beers? Absinthe and hookahs?



    catnfiddle wrote >>
    What’s going to be the service theme of this place? I get that it’s for the young professional crowd, but I’m not sure what they (we?) as a group eat and drink. Will it be cocktails? Craft beers? Absinthe and hookahs?

    $15 cocktails and 8 dozen varieties of “martinis”

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I like the location, and think that the center of Downtown could do with a venue that is more lounge/bar than restaurant. I really want this to do well.

    What worries me is the “high-end” descriptor. That type of lounge concept gets tried from time to time and it either goes down in flames, or the concept is altered pretty drastically within the first few months when the “new place” buzz wears off and the crowds start to thin.

    Nightlife crowds are a fickle beast, and I hope that this place will have some longer lasting appeal.

    For me personally, this location is perfect as it’s inbetween work and home. I would love a place like this to grab an after-work cocktail with a client, or a spot for the wife and I to walk to from home.

    That being said, there’s already lots of other options in the area for drinking and entertainment, and I think to be successful, you need to stand out. If I want a casual spot to hang afterwork, there’s already Tip Top. If I want something a little classier, there’s Due Amici and Latitude 41. If I want something really high end, there’s the bar at Mitchell’s.

    What I want to know is how Creme will be different from these options. Will it be the music? Will it be the drinks? No matter what the differentiation is… it needs to be drastic enough to not just compliment the existing nightlife on/around Gay Street, but be a regional draw for other people to come Downtown.

    Looking forward to the opening and checking this place out.



    Glad to see more things coming to Gay Street, but I have my doubts about this one. While Gay St corridor has proven it can sustain popular restaurants, that doesn’t mean a bar will do well, especially a high-end one. That area seems to me to be on an island, and we all saw how poorly BoMA managed to do in its bid to be a successful, destination type high end club. Lots of people are scared to go to a bar, where if it sucks, they have to get back in their car and drive somewhere else, and have spent $5 parking in the process. The same thing happened to the Brewery District once it reached a tipping point, it all came crashing down.

    I bet the rent there is pricey, I don’t know if people are going to put up with $7 Absolut & Tonics in a location right there.

    I would like to see more bars come to downtown Columbus, but this idea doesn’t seem to have legs. Even Corso/Gallichio (who probably know the bar biz better than anyone) are finding more success with laid back concepts like Pk St Patio and Cantina.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 449 total)

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