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Neil Hamburger @ Circus

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    Jim Lauwers

    Coverage by JimL2

    Neil Hamburger played a show last night at Circus, supporting a band that opened with a song called “Nigger Lover,” and a band consisting of one man wearing a mask made of stuffed animals.

    Hamburger performed in front of about 50 drunk, bored-looking hipsters, during a 45 minute set in which he delivered approximately 300 jokes.

    My editor attempted to get me an interview with the award-winning Hamburger, who politely rebuffed the offer by simply never responding to the email. Or maybe he never got it. I think my editor just mailed the request to “[email protected]” without actually verifying that it was his email address. Either way, I was determined to “grab a piece of the Hamburger” for the readership of this fine periodical, so I trudged out into the miserable night and drank sambuca at the bar (blocking my ears against the sound of an amateur assaulting a tiny casio keyboard) until the comedian took the stage. At that point, I proceeded with Plan B.

    Since I know that Mr. Hamburger is such a busy man, I decided to work the interview around his hectic touring schedule. By interviewing him during the show, from the audience.

    Here’s a snippet from the interview:

    Neil Hamburger: Why did the Red Hot Chili Peppers cross the road?

    ColumbusUnderground.com: WHY?

    Neil Hamburger: Ahem.

    ColumbusUnderground.com: NEIL! NEEEEEEIL! WHY DID THEY? HUH??? NEIL!!!

    Neil Hamburger: Well because they were running away from the–

    ColumbusUnderground: DO ZIPPER LIPS!!!

    After the show I was brutally stabbed to death in front of the club by a group of patrons offended by my unflinching dedication to journalism. So that’s going to slow down the transcription process somewhat. But I can tell you this right now: Whoever Mr. Hamburger has hired to run his merch table is not willing to “make a deal.” And in these tough economic times, I think we can all agree that that’s something to be ashamed of.

    Filed by JimL2 for ColumbusUnderground.com


    Jim Lauwers

    In all seriousness though it was a great show, and I was particularly impressed by the one half of *Major Group* Daiquiri that was able to perform. The guy (MikeH) has an incredible voice, a great stage energy, and basically blew my expectations away. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this band.

    I don’t know what Gregg Turkington’s going to do now that he’s become (somewhat) popular and Hamburger has to plays in front of audiences that get his jokes. The audience seemed to be having a great time, which somehow made everything less funny. But he’s still really quick on his feet, which goes a long way, and he’s still able to crank out legitimately-funny jokes about popular musicians and actors.

    The bottom line is, I would have been content if the show had lasted all night. I think the woman who latched onto Neil Hamburger’s leg at the end of the set, and forced him to do an encore, would agree.


    JimL2 wrote >>
    I think the woman who latched onto Neil Hamburger’s leg at the end of the set, and forced him to do an encore, would agree.

    man, you can’t take Somer anywhere.


    Sambuca!! Bleeargh

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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