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Neil Avenue Speed Limit Might Get Raised to 35 MPH

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    Alex Silbajoris

    I agree with peter, make the road look like it can’t be driven fast.



    alexs said:
    I agree with peter, make the road look like it can’t be driven fast.

    Neil is already a pretty slow and friendly road through VV in my experience. The frequent medians and presence of a lot of pedestrians and bicycles seems to keep things slowed down compared to most of the higher-traffic streets in its area. Riding a bike on Neil feels like a dream when you turn on to it coming from the west on 5th.

    Always thought it was strange that the signs all said temporary through there.. I’m guessing this study will just make them permanent, as 35 definitely doesn’t feel safe through there.



    The ODOT study is complete, and once again the engineers value vehicular efficiency over human lives – they are recommending raising the speed limits on Neil, King and Fifth avenues. This would be a major backwards for making Columbus a more bike-friendly and pedestrian-friendly city:


    Contact Mayor Coleman’s office and your city council member to urge the City of Columbus to reject the conclusions of this short-sighted and backwards-looking study.

    Jason Powell
    Jason Powell

    I do not understand the rationale behind raising the speed limits on these roads. How much time is someone really going to save? I go about 30 and any faster I feel like I am flying and a little uncomfortable. The field of engineering when it comes transportation needs a fundamental change. This may seem like a very small thing but it is a huge step backward for the city and the mindset. If the Mayor and council have any sense at all they will promptly reject this proposal.


    Analogue Kid

    If UA can make North Star Road 25 mph going through cornfields, then this heavily urban stretch of Neil can also be set at 25. This is not a state or federal highway, so there’s no reason for ODOT to even be involved.



    ODOT is “flow trolling” the city.




    Terrible, terrible recommendation. Clearly these knuckleheads don’t live on or near these roads. Can’t help but wonder if these engineers of unnecessary, excessive and unsafe speeds would feel the same if they owned a home on Neil.

    All this to save a matter of seconds… total nonsense.



    City Looking at Raising Speed Limits in Short North
    Published on January 1, 2014 8:00 am
    By: Brent Warren

    A collection of streets in the Short North that have had “temporary” speed limits of 25 miles per hour for nearly 20 years may soon see those limits raised. The affected streets are Third, Fifth and King Avenues from Olentangy River Road to High Street, as well as Neil Avenue from Goodale Street to King Avenue.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/city-looking-at-raising-speed-limits-in-short-north-bw1


    Wow! 35 MPH on Neil Avenue. It will be like the ROAD WARRIOR!


    This proposal is appalling. It seems that they have neither interest in safety nor any residential experience in Victorian Village. 3rd St with a higher speed limit? Dead bicyclist. 5th St? Dead crossing pedestrian. Neil is dangerous enough as it is; raising the speed limit? More collisions. While I’m cognizant of some indifference toward bicyclist safety (not sure I’ve ever seen a bicycle lane on any Columbus street, and “road sharing” is not the same–as any bicyclist or driver knows), this shift represents a willing effort to substantially reduce the safety and well-being of all of Victorian Village’s residents. These are residential roads, and they need to be treated as such.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    vicvill_resident said:
    …not sure I’ve ever seen a bicycle lane on any Columbus street…

    There’s quite a few of them actually, and the number seems to be growing steadily.


    How about if they raise it to 30 mph and split the difference?



    The speed limit is meaningless. It’s not enforced. I’d bet most drivers have no idea what the speed limit is.
    What’s needed are physical controls on speed, including:
    1. Open on-street parking on 5th.
    2. Add stop light crosswalks to King (currently no crosswalks besides neil between High and the the rover).
    3. Add traffic-calming features like bump-outs and medians to King and 5th.



    I just see more accidents and injuries. On Neil, cars will be flying past bikes at 40-45mph to beat them to median areas and make the next light.

    I don’t see how 35mph is more enforceable than 25mph – but the slower speed is less dangerous for everyone.


    What is wrong with this city?? Its like we always take one step forward to take two steps back! Obviously 25 mph has been working so why not keep it at that? I thought Columbus was trying to take pride in being a pedestrian/bike friendly city? With changes like this and the widening of Neil Ave in the Arena District its not going to happen. Once you widen a street like that its not an easy fix and probably going to be in place for several decades!

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 73 total)

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