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Neil Avenue Speed Limit Might Get Raised to 35 MPH

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    City Considers Raising Speed Limit On Busy Road

    Tuesday September 24, 2013 11:51 PM

    The city of Columbus is considering increasing the speed limit on a busy thoroughfare. Right now, the speed limit along Neil Avenue between Interstate 670 and the Ohio State University is 25 miles per hour.

    Neighbors say cars traveling too fast pose a danger to bikers and pedestrians.

    READ MORE: http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/2013/09/24/Columbus_Neil_Avenue_Speed_Limit.html



    Terrible idea….. Way too residential

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    I agree. With so many cross streets on Neil having no stop lights or signals, raising the speed limit sounds like a recipe for more t-bone crashes as well as possible bike or pedestrian collisions.

    Jason Powell
    Jason Powell

    Who’s the bonehead who proposed that? Somebody trying to shave 30 seconds off of their commute? Many already go 35 anyway. 35 mph is really 40-45 mph.



    jpizzow said:
    Who’s the bonehead who proposed that? Somebody trying to shave 30 seconds off of their commute? Many already go 35 anyway. 35 mph is really 40-45 mph.

    Isn’t the bonehead doing a study to see if the 25mph limit should become permanent instead of temporary? Shouldn’t you be supporting this effort if you feel the lower limit is better?

    Or am I understanding it wrong?



    Neil, 5th and King Aves have all had “temporary” speed limits of 25 mph for at least the last twenty years. I’m with JeepGirl in that I think that just because a study is being done, it doesn’t mean necessarily that the original speed limit of 35 would be reapplied to these streets.

    I would hope the outcome would be to make 25 both the permanent limit, and allow for additional pedestrian/bike infrastructure.


    First the one way conversion on Vine and now this? I hope this isn’t a trend.



    Terrible idea.



    Keep Neil at 25 MPH. Given how residential that street and area is, it should NOT be higher.

    First the one way conversion on Vine and now this?


    This Vine St. conversion also needs to be rethought. It seems to have merely shifted the traffic log-jam from Vine onto Front St. This isn’t a solution or even an improvement. A free-flowing Front St. should be the priority. The lost access to the NM from Vine and the ability to exit NM to Front via Vine are now also big inconveniences.


    The Vine Street conversion is horribly marked. There needs to be wrong way signs and more one way signs as you approach it.



    It’s going to take me a long time to break my 20+ year old routine on Vine, Spruce and Wall, but I’m pretty sure the market can still be accessed from Vine. Might be an egress issue though, when one of the kiosks is unattended because of the need for only one to be staffed.
    With a turn lane into the garage and an open lane going east, Vine has the potential to be more free flowing.
    As far as raising the speed limit on Neil, it seems like such a bad idea that its hard to imagine.

    Josh Lapp
    Josh Lapp

    Speed limit change is a terrible idea. The streets in the downtown core need to be made MORE pedestrian friendly, not less. How about 25mph speed limit plus enhanced pedestrian crossings and bike lanes?

    Saw 3 cars going the wrong way on Spruce yesterday then turn onto High. Old habits die hard.



    Agree that raising the speed limit on Neil to 35 is a pretty terrible idea.

    The Vine st conversion though – people seemed to get pretty upset about it, I think they were envisioning a 3rd st / 4th st situation. But the conversion to 1-way was for all of 400 ft or so. It’s not exactly turning into a superhighway over there.



    I don’t think it’s the end of the world. A lot of people already go 35 on Neil. I think the bigger issue is that there are hundreds/thousands of new units coming on line in the Short North area and some of those people are going to drive around. I think it would be nice to reinforce the residential nature of the whole area and lower Neil, Summit and North 4th to 25 mph, after converting Summit and 4th to two-way and getting people used to getting on the highway of they want to go from Downtown to points north. Or god forbid I say it, some kind of light-rail to move people through the first ring neighborhoods. As a city we keep forcing car-centric solutions on streetcar suburbs. Just force the cars out – speeding problem solved.



    I seriously doubt this study is going to result in the speed going back to 35. But, with the way this ‘temporary’ limit has been done, setting up this study is the only way it’s going to become the actual speed limit.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 73 total)

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