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NBC4 -- SHAFTED Mikaela Hunt while ABC6 Covers Up for Yolanda Harris

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    Alex Silbajoris


    Why are Yolanda Harris’ husband’s actions relevant? He did it, not her. Unless she aided or abetted him, she should not be punished.



    If u r not happy about this, you can boycott the morning show, which I will do. We need to show the narrow-minded networks that we care about the quality of the people and their entertaining personalities, not their robotic presentation but hey, she’s a slender blonde mentality. I’m sure Katie Ferrell is a decent human with a lovely family, I have nothing against her, but Mikaela had such a wonderful, relaxed way of presenting, she was exceptional! If another network were to pick her up I would follow her. She was the one I would have watched the program to see (I also like Monica Day’s delivery but Mikaela is way better) so now I’m at CBS.



    Why was she let go? I liked her and I like Monica Day. I hope it wasn’t because she isn’t anorexic and looks like the majority of women do.I don’t watch your station anymore. Yolanda Harris is a snob.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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