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National Night Out - 5XNW

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    Bike Tour Route with YayBikes! is set!
    We are highlighting two(2) green spaces (parks) under development – and one of the project sponsors (food!) Press Grill as we ride around the neighborhood!

    Initial surveys of the area rated green space as the #1 “ask” so we’ve always tried to incorporate this aspect into all of our developments which have fallen under zoning review – but these are the first two opportunities we’ve had to have dedicated green space (not metro parks) underway!

    Here more about the details at our National Night Out event – starting at 630pm with local speakers highlighting the green space – followed by the YayBikes! tour of 5XNW starting at 730p – out in front of the church! Meet us at 1150 W. Fifth Ave. inside or out!



    Tomorrow is the day!
    Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
    Should be a great event!
    Try to park on the street & save the “up close” parking for the vendors, the First Responders (we have a fire truck coming) and the other church group that will be there that night!




    So glad to see 5XNW being proactive! Highly underrated area.

    I just want to throw this out there just in case you have any say in this kind of matter: I think 5th Avenue is a PRIME contender for road diet. Would love to see 5th become less car-oriented and even more walk-able and bike friendly. That stretch with four lanes is so totally unnecessary and terrifying for drivers as well as bikers.

    Also, any big plans for the old Giant Eagle? I understand (unless I’m mistaken) that GE still owns the lease. That spot is prime for mixed use and walking-friendly development.

    Lots and lots of potential on 5th. I hope things come together to make an even more awesome neighborhood.

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Take care!

    Edit: Oh no! I missed the event!! I can’t believe it…..thought that post was posted today and not on the 3rd :(

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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