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Music Awards in Columbus

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    Do any kind of ‘Columbus Music Awards’ things still exist? Just remembering the few past ones and wondering if anyone kept at organizing it. To be honest, the concept was always a bit cheesy. It’d be hard to do well, especially so with all the expected negative backlash/complaints. And it would also be a challenge to make it inclusive. But I wonder why an event of this sort never caught on in Columbus to last very long. The Grammys, as a national model, seem to be well liked and sort-of respected.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Good question. I think it can be challenging to get the general public engaged in local music to the same level that they are with local food or local retail. For whatever reason “local music” doesn’t fall into the top of mind for people when thinking about the “support local” movement — or at least in my experiences it doesn’t seem that way. The bigger festivals are a no-brainer (ComFest, Independents Day, etc) but smaller shows, album releases and general local music consumption seems to remain a niche flavor no matter how hard it’s pushed.

    Would a “Columbus Music Awards” event be something more industry-centric where musicians and their peers would gather for a celebratory evening? Or would it be something more open to music fans and the general public with some performances in the mix? Is it possible to strike the right balance between a fun and entertaining show and a congratulatory event of awards and speeches?

    Most importantly… would the “Columbus Music Awards” be known as the CMAs? ;)

    Chris Sunami
    Chris Sunami

    We (the Columbus Invitational Arts Competition) did music awards during the first two years. We stopped doing them because we recognize organizations, and most local music is independent. The first year we went with record labels, but half of them were defunct by year two. The second year we added radio stations, but they were too busy to fully participate, so we phased that part out for year three and four.

    There was also a 200 Columbus Bicentennial music competition for Columbus-themed music. I was especially fond of “Parsons Ave” which was also entered in our competition.



    Local scenes are almost a thing of the past. The internet has removed the cultural isolation necessary to grow unique scenes that drive any kind of local interest. And even when one arises, it’s ripped off so fast that the scene often doesn’t get the credit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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