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Three Sheets Bar — Replacing T Murray's in Brewery District

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    we had dinner at T Murrays. The food and service was excellent! We had the wonton appetizer – awesome, caesar salad, simple salad for starters. Then we had the shrimp and pesto pasta, clam linquine, risotta and turkey meatloaf. All exceeded expectations. we finished with french pressed coffee and cheesecake. we enjoyed every bite and will definetly be back. Prices are very reasonable.



    Talked to a friend this morning who went last night…I said I’d heard good reviews, she said she’d been there 4 out of the last 5 nights. That’s about as good of a review as I can imagine.


    Elizabeth Lessner

    Excited to try it out. Love seeing more spots open near the south part of downtown.



    We tried out T Murrays Bar and Kitchen on Saturday.

    We are going back as soon as we can.

    The shrimp and greens is a fabulous salad. We also tried the wedge and it was very good.

    The arugula and chicken milanese tasted very fresh and delicious. The linguine with clams had a lot of clams and was very well prepared.

    The prices were reasonable and I noticed that they have sandwiches on their dinner menu so you ought to be able to go there without maxing out your credit card.

    We were too full for dessert but the dessert menu had a chocolate creme brulee so I am saving room when I visit next.



    Would love to see something vegetarian on the menu besides the starters.


    berdawn said:
    Would love to see something vegetarian on the menu besides the starters.

    We do prepare vegetarian entrees upon request. If we see enough demand then we will put more vegetarian items on the Fall menu.



    tmurraysbarandkitchen said:
    We do prepare vegetarian entrees upon request. If we see enough demand then we will put more vegetarian items on the Fall menu.

    Thanks! My spouse has a policy of not patronizing restaurants that don’t have a veg entree on the menu but I hope to make it down soon.



    Great atmosphere and the service was excellent. I loved the Margharitta Pizza on flat bread, very yummy. I will be back often and definitely recommend this place to all my friends.



    Went to Harvest Pizza last night, and was determined to try T Murray’s or the new CBC place at Scioto Mile tonight. Went to T Murray’s and loved the food. The potato chip appetizer with cheese is totally addictive and easily my new favorite appetizer in the city. Had these spinach pocket things also that I didn’t care for, the Chicken with Arugula is very tasty, and the Cheesecake truly is excellent. Not too moist, not too hard, done just right. The only issue with TM is the noise level is ridiculously loud upstairs. There were a couple people at the bar, and another table and it was so loud that I had to pause while talking to the only other person at my table. The sound bounces off the walls and floors to the point where it’s irritating enough that I’d consider not going back as the place will only be busier next time. Overall, well done.



    My wife and I went Saturday night at around 9:30. I had been there once before for lunch and liked everything about the place-the decor, the ultra-friendly service, the vibe, the menu and the unreasonably reasonable prices. The only thing that changed Saturday night was the crowd and noise level. The crowd was very very mixed and I like that. There were pairs of couples out for the night in several age groups, the “usual” women-gangs, and the scene-sters. The noise level Saturday night was just slightly shy of an air force landing strip during a military escallation. The waiter(ess) had a hard time communicating and they are usually pros at hearing and being heard in loud environments.
    My Caesar had real Parm Reg shavings rather than the cheaper alternatives and the dressing was fairly authentic. Sardines are offered-always a plus though if I were King of the World there would not be an option to leave them off-the public be damned. The romaine was plentiful and fresh. The sliders of the night were shredded BBQ pork with slaw. I was surprised a bit by the South Carolina sweet tomato based sauce-not normally my preference-but I liked them anyway.
    At this point I should talk about my drink. I ordered a Beefeater gin martini with olives straight up and that’s what I got. I take my martinis seriously. It was OK, but not as good as the folks at The Rossi routinely put out. If I had to guess, the vermouth was either weak or non-existant and the ice melted too much during the mixing. I would have rather ordered wine that night, but the wine list at T Murray’s is Quixotic. Perhaps due to the owner’s Lindey’s heritage, the prices are similar which means most 100% mark up on the lower priced offerings, 50% mark up on the higher priced stuff with a few exceptions. Again, I hate to bring up the The Rossi, but having a similar wine list with similar prices would be a big plus to match the very reasonably priced food. A place has to make a profit and I imagine the owners feel that alcohol is the place to do it. The selections are not my favorite either. Vanguard seems to be the source (last time I checked Brewer-Clifton (perhaps the one quite reasonably priced wine-a $45 pinot selling for $56, but I don’t care much for whole-cluster tannic and fruit-shy Brewer Clifton pinots) and the awful too-fruit-forward Orin Swift Prisoner were Vanguard portfolio members) and they have way too many good wines compared to what’s on offer here. Bring in the Scherrer zins and pinots!!!
    Back to the food. My main was the clam sauce linguine. Damned fine rendition that perfectly hit the mood I was in, full of proper clam juice and garlic brine and perfectly cooked linguine. My wife was not particularly hungry and ordered the won ton appetizer as her main and was content. I didn’t taste hers, but they looked good.
    If the service were any friendlier, it would be embarassing. Our server saw my wife’s modest order and offered a spare plate to share my picks. Not common in these parts and worthy of the decent tip I think I left her. We will be back. Despite the noise and despite the wine list. Great service and great food at great prices is always a sure winner.


    Certainly there must be some kind of sound absorbing panels or the like that can resolve the loudness issue. I hope they address that soon, I know lots of comments have reflected that being an issue.


    T Murrays Bar and Kitchen now offers valet parking on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

    You won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot on our busiest nights.


    We have changed our dinner and lunch menus. Check us out:




    Review: T. Murray’s Bar and Kitchen
    Published on August 22, 2012 1:20 pm
    By: Morgan Kelley

    T. Murray’s Bar and Kitchen opened at 560 South High Street just over a year ago by Tony Murray, a former bartender at Lindey’s in German Village. Since then, this restaurant has been producing quality bar food, classic cocktails and an dark atmosphere that is comfortable and swanky, a throwback to the venue’s jazz club days as Barrister Hall.

    READ MORE: https://www.columbusunderground.com/review-t-murrays-bar-and-kitchen

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Closed. Via FB:

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