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Moving Boxes?

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    Anybody have some? Know where I can get some? I already plan to hit up Half Price Books. Also would be glad to pass these along to someone else when we finish moving @ end of May. Thanks.


    The Hegemo

    Check Craigslist. I see people on there pretty often with free moving boxes.



    they’re small but, Kinkos is a good source.


    These show up on Freecycle too fairly often.



    There is a cardboard recylicing dumpster outside of Junctionview Studios that Loeb electric uses to throw out there shipping supplies. I always find enough there to foot the bill when I have moving or packing needs.


    Alex Silbajoris

    One thing I learned, get as many as you can in a uniform size, so they will stack neatly like blocks. The boxes from the pre-made salads at the grocery are good for this, you can often grab a dozen of them in a stack.


    I hit the jackpot today. Had to run an errand in Lewis Center and took a detour behind that mile-long strip mall. Found tons of dumpsters full of cardboard boxes! If anybody needs them when I’m finished moving, PM me. They’ll be available late May.



    i have a bunch of cardboard boxes leftover from my move as well if anyone needs one


    If you are a regular at a local bar, they would probably save beer boxes for you& they make great moving boxes bc they aren’t too big& most have nifty handles for easy carrying! I just gave a boatload to a couple different regulars last week :)



    we have some at the Bean on Whittier that have not been broke down yet call the bean after 6pm on Friday and ask for Elaine you can come pick a few up, 442-2266



    Edit 443-2266



    I saw these boxes last night.

    I think they had been to a box bar and were drunk and having a fight.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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