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More Wind Power Coming to Ohio?

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    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    While driving north on I-71 from Columbus toward Cleveland on Saturday, we passed around four of these things. They appear to be wind turbine blades, and one of the markings I spotted read “BLADE”.

    Anyone know where it’s headed?




    Interesting…we passed these heading on 70 East between Dayton and Columbus.



    AEP has been aggressively signing wind power deals, both on its own account and through subsidiaries, but I hadn’t heard of any major new farms coming to Ohio. (That article, for example, reported on a contract AEP signed a few months ago for power from an Indiana farm.)

    Interestingly, AEP seems to be betting orders of magnitude more on wind than solar at the moment for its renewable portfolio. When CBF reported on a new solar deal AEP just signed, it was a contract with a 10MW solar facility currently under construction near Toledo. The same article mentioned that the company currently has contracts for nearly 1800MW of wind power.



    I have traveled 71 between here and cleveland many times in the last year or so, and more often than not, I have run across those blades on trucks. Due to the frequency of spotting them, I was guessing that they were made somewhere along the 71 corridor and were being shipped elsewhere. anyone lend any credence to that theory?



    Heh. Wind power in Ohio actually has its own Wikipedia entry. I was a little skeptical of it as its own Wikipedia topic at first, but actually, it’s consistent with Wiki’s style, well-linked to other articles, has some good graphics, was a solid length in its own right, and was a good introductory read.



    Wind power stocks are one of the few that have been steadily going up since January.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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