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    I stopped in at Mexica for lunch today. It’s on E. Broad St., next to a Subway (heh, downtown, I know that really doesn’t narrow it much). I looked for a previous thread on here about it, but the best I could find is that it used to be Ah Chihuahua.

    They had the usual variety of things on the menu. Burritos (two varieties: traditional with “mexican rice” and another one with cilantro rice), tacos, bowls, fajitas, nachos, (There may have also been sopes, I don’t recall. There was a picture of sopes on the wall, but I forget if they were actually on the menu.)

    As far as meat options, there were chicken, beef, shrimp and al pastor.

    Additionally, if you’re eating in you get free chips and there is a salsa bar. There were six different salsas, including a mango salsa. They give you two plastic cups to put salsa in when you place your order, but I’m sure they’d give you more if you asked. The two salsas I tried were quite good. I just had a traditional green salsa and a chunky tomato and onion one. They both had a bit of a bite, pleasant but not over powering.

    In addition to the usual fountain soft drink offerings, there was a horchata dispenser. I’ve never tried it, but I know others really like the drink.

    I had the bowl with al pastor. Initially the bowl seemed small to me, but it proved to be rather filling. Although there wasn’t a lot of either meat or rice, the flavors melded well together.

    I saw some people who had ordered burritos and they looked sizable, on par with what you’d get at other burrito joints, like, say, Chipotle.

    Prices were reasonable as well, between $6.50 and $7. They had a sign out front, and each day a different item on the menu was $1 off. Monday was burritos, today was fajitas. I don’t remember the others however.

    All in all, I thought it was quality and I’ll probably go back when I’m in the mood for a burrito during the workday. I definitely preferred it to Cinco, I thought that it was just more flavorful.

    And I’m not going to lie, the salsa bar was a nice touch.

    Walker Evans
    Walker Evans

    Thanks for the review. I’ve never been. Need to go try it out! :D



    Does this place have a website? A quick Google search didn’t turn up anything.



    Do they take cards? I don’t normally carry cash and when I walk by it smells so good. The last time I passed by I did not see any visa signs and the line was really long.



    Checked this place out for lunch today (and yes they do take cards). Actually pretty impressed. I got the Chicken Fajitas, and it was a lot of food. Quite good too. The Salsa bar was good too, with 5 or 6 different salsas (I only tried a couple, both were excellent). Highly recommended if you need a Mexican fix and are downtown.



    Lunch only?



    Yeah, I think 10-4 Monday-Friday were their hours.



    I did a search and found an address and phone number:

    199 E Broad St
    Columbus , OH 43215
    (614) 228-1256

    After calling I confirmed their hours are 10-4 M-F only.

    They are currently building a website. I look forward to my first visit. This place sounds great you guys. Thanks for posting.


    I visited this place the other day and was very impressed!! They have a mixture of very authentic food like mini traditional tacos (for only .99 cents btw) sopes, tortas (mexican sandwhich), and even tamales. I tried the shrimp tacos and was very satisfied. They also have more mexican-american dishes like bowls, taco salads, nachos etc. The salsas were excellent ranging from mango salsa to my favorite a habanero tomatillo salsa. In addition to the dollar off items they have every day, they also have a special of the week for 6.99. The weekly special is different every week and is made up of different items (this week is two cheese and jalapeno tamales served with refried beans) and is served with chips, salsa and a drink. I got to talking with the staff and they informed me of future concepts they are planning to bring like delivery, a taco challenge (who can eat the most tacos in one sitting). Great place, will def be in there often!



    Mexica has been on my mind for the last few months, because the comments here were terrific. I really like the owner Fernando. He talks with a passion about authentic seasonings and tastes, a passion that is evident in his cuisine.

    Today was $1 off burritos, and I ordered a shrimp burrito. Per our conversation, I ordered it with “authentic” ingredients (seasoned rice, frijoles) vs more familiar Tex Mex (white rice, black beans).

    This burrito was really good. The rice was packed with flavor but not heavy. The frijoles were creamy and evidently made from scratch. The shrimp – oh the shrimp – they were lightly grilled and were definitely fresh because there was a nice snap to them, weren’t mushy like in a lot of local eateries.

    The salsa bar was a nice touch. I was really there just for the burrito today, but I enjoyed the tomatillo salsa and salsa burro.

    For al pastor lovers (hungry woolf, taco drew, CMH Gourmand), Fernando surprised me with a complimentary taco al pastor while I was waiting for the burrito. I’m not a big fan of corn tortillas, but I really liked the subtle flavors of all his ingredients – light seasoning, some lime, some onion – all very good. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts on this dish.

    In our conversation I extolled the virtues of CU, and recommended he get his web site up and running. If anyone wants to provide some assistance, I’m sure he’d love you for it. :}



    +1, Fernando is awesome. He hooks me up with off menu stuff all the time.



    honavery wrote >>
    +1, Fernando is awesome. He hooks me up with off menu stuff all the time.

    Now see, this is the food that I want as well. I want to eat what the ethnic chefs eat, not what they think I want to eat. Fernando touched upon that very issue when we were talking about his menu. He’s wanted to expand the menu, but is worried (and maybe rightly so) that if he takes it too far, he’ll drive away customers. While head, and tongue and tripe sell at Micocana and the taco trucks, it would not appeal to many of his taco and burrito customers downtown.

    A few specials and a little customer education may be enough for him to expand his menu a bit.

    I recall my visit to Dragon 1 at Broad and Parsons one night. Their menu was chalk full of all the Chinese favorites: sweet and pork, egg foo yung, sesame chicken. I ordered pad Thai that night, and they sat down to eat their dinner right after me. When I looked over to see what they were eating, it was all off menu: steamed bok choi, white rice, steamed clams. I wanted what they were eating, not some Americanized version of their cuisine.

    Encourage Fernando to cook off the menu as will I, and maybe we’ll see more than tacos and burritos, or at least ones with different ingredients.



    FYI, puffy tacos are the special this week. Delicious.



    I joined lifeontwowheels today for lunch at Mexica. We enjoyed the tortas. He had the veggie, I had the grilled shrimp. I love that fresh grilled flavor on their foods.




    I never been to mexico but i want to go there and i want to watch that how it is.so this is really great information about mexico and there restaurant and food.so thanks for sharing this information.


    Goose Down

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