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Metallica Concert

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    Did anyone else get a chance to go? My sister got us floor tickets for my birthday. . . .it was pretty amazing. We were probably less than 10 feet away from them :-) Got some pretty awesome pictures.



    Day-um! I wish I coulda gone!

    more pics & reviews here.



    yea. i really could not have expected a more epic concert. i managed to get one of the huge metallica beach balls they dropped during the encore AND a signed Kirk guitar pick. It was a pretty awesome birthday :-)

    being so close is probably what made it so awesome though. It did get pretty rough a few times, but security did a good job of calming it down pretty quick.



    I don’t think Nothing Else Matters belongs on there. I think it is the worst Metallica song that’s not on the Loads or St. Anger. All of Metallica’s clean parts and mellow not-on-the-Loads are better, including Fade to Black, Sanitarium, One, Unforgivens 1 and 3 and the clean part of Phantom Lord. Nothing Else Matters’ lyrics are embarrassingly banal; give me Of Wolf and Man songwriting anytime over that. Meanwhile, the exclusion of Seek and Destroy was criminal. Any song that’s capable of being that catchy while exploring murderous subject matter needs to be included in the pantheon. Dr. Seuss coming to your house to KILL YOU! Slayer explored this territory at the same time with their song Tormentor. Oh to have Frank N. Furter sing those two song-and-dance style! Anyway, the name of the game with Metallica at that time was to fill each song with a whole Side 1’s worth of riffs also served them well here because each stands on its own. So shitcanning NEM for S&D is easy now.

    …And Justice for All the song is pretty good I must say. But… what if this somewhat hard-to-digest CNN Metal song was replaced with something catchier but still nice and long with lots of different parts in the spirit of “Justice” the song and the rest of its album? Which brings us to the Four Horsemen. Similar in structure, 4H is one of those “Metallica Reads the Bible to you” songs so popular early in their career. Its leather steeds, pestilence and blades are deliverance from real-world problems like corrupt politicians.

    While Fuel is certainly one of the better songs on the Loads, it still can’t escape the tyranny of having the wrong amp settings, pedals and guitar tunings foisted upon Metallica by the Metal-Not-Allowed years of the mid-’90s. And well if I ever become the English language’s Ataturk and get to make the rules myself, “one of the better songs the Loads” would replace the term “backhanded compliment”. And even if Metallica played it in standard tuning through their Ride the Lightning setups AND put the frozen cave vocal reverb from Ride the Lighting AND ditched the acapella intro (hate those in rock songs) it still wouldn’t match up to… Motorbreath! Motorbreath, now that’s scary! Did you know Motorbreath was actually written by the same team that did all those gory driver’s ed movies for the Ohio State Highway Patrol? It’s faster, deadlier and more short-lived than Fuel could ever be. Fuel is a comfort cruise in Dad’s ’57 Chevy down High Street while Motorbreath is a flat-out run through Eau Rouge with a blown tire.

    Unforgiven 1 is a fine, fine entry in the A minor Mellowtallica derby. While again with the Justice through None More Black-era oblique songwriting curse (I’ve had this song’s lyrics explained to me umpteen times along with several others from those days and still don’t get them), Unforgiven 1 feels like a Mellowtallica should. It builds in a logical manner and when I comes on the radio I’m never tempted to reach for the change-it knob. And for all you Morricone fans this song is going to be right up your alley with its Spaghetti Western feel. Man, that songwriting kinda gets me though. So the kid is what now? He is being suppressed somehow I guess? Well, he should just snap into No Remorse! No Remorse would fix all that kid’s problems. The Falling Down of songs, No Remorse gets it all out of your system. And that’s why it should replace Unforgiven 1 on the list. No Remorse answered the question U1 asked and eight years before, to boot!

    Anywhere I Roam is another A minor Mellowtallica one with a lot of similarities to Unforgiven really, with the Morricone feel and the march to badassery continued. Sometimes I mix Unforgiven 1 and this song up (almost did in the last paragraph) but then I remember that a lot of the video was filmed in Cincinnati. See Metallica shoot pool at the Mad Frog! Watch their bus drive around where eventually Newport on the Levee would get built! Well, Cincinnati’s cool and all but if we’re getting taken somewhere for merely a song… perhaps a better value would be to go to Europe for the same price in Whiplash! “Hotel rooms and motorways, life out here is raw. We’ll never stop, we’ll never quit ’cause we’re Metallica!” If Anywhere I Roam is a calm, er, clam, er, camel caravan across Asia, Whiplash is a 200 mph Lykins train through Western Europe. Ever looked at the front of one of those things after it’s hit some wildlife? Blood everywhere! Note: for something a little more melodic to get started (just like in Roam) I’ve added Anesthesia to Whiplash as it was done on the record and done live early on in the band’s career.

    Enter Sandman had to happen. The band’s fans, rock radio, Metallica and the fat cats bankrolling them all wanted a Crazy Rock You Like a HurriTrain on the Water from them and they got it with Sandman. A-ha, Metallica determined that they could do it by just messing around with something that was half-Smoke on the Water and half UFO megahit Lights Out. And it worked! I bought it and so did you. And while every metal band needs a Lights Out Sandman song, they even moreso need a “We’re going to kick your ass” song to start off their career. The songs Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Metal Church all let you know what you were in for on the albums of the same names by the band of the same names. I don’t really want a song called Metallica and The Black Album AKA Metallica doesn’t really have a name, they just had to have a word there for cataloging and retail purposes. So Hit the Lights it is! Hit the Lights is all about Metallica stomping your face in because you dared to put needle to vinyl. And of course it starts off the first record like all the other great “first songs” by bands listed above. Stay away from this one posers — the kind of posers that only listen to Enter Sandman. So on go the Lights and out goes the Sandman.



    Did I mess this up? This is the screen it went to when I tried to put this in the Metallica top 10 thread.

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